Body of a Yithian

Just about strictly better than Preston Fairmont's investigator card in a Preston Fairmont deck. You get +1 to every skill, lose his passive drawback but keep Family Inheritance, gain a response trigger that combos well with a fair amount of Preston builds, and the Elder Sign ability is very slightly better (though it does lose the automatic success possibility for very high difficulty checks, +2 should cover most checks anyway). 10/10 would recommend being stuck in the City of the Great Race again.

Enchanted Blade

I don't like this card. I have 2 reasons

  1. This card is unthematic. Why guardians can use a magic blade? I don't understand. They should use fire arms, knifes.... no magic blades. It's more, guardians use magic blades better than mystics. No sense.

  2. This card is unbalanced. Compare it with .45 automatic level 2... is better than 45 level 2!! that cost 2xp. I don't talk about 45 level 0...A good weapon, but obsolete because exist this enchanted blade.

Solution: for use swords charges, you should use "head" instead of "fist". Only guardians with high "head" could use it optimally in this way.

Sisvel · 7
Yeah I'm not a fan of guardians using magical items (at level 0 at least), flavor-wise. You have the mirror too though, so that might become more common. If it was a niche card I'd be OK with it, but it's the best guardian 0 weapon... — jd9000 · 11
I actually agree, I think the level 0 version is slightly too good, and it awkwardly came out right when Machete got taboo'd. Arguably this is better than Machete, but there's no competition between them for taboo players since Machete costs XP and this doesn't. I think for now it would be worth un-tabooing Machete and seeing how they fare against each other. I do like the upgraded versions of both cards in how they synergize with what their respective class would want. I think magical items are fine... as upgrades or rare items like the Mirror. — StyxTBeuford · 747
I do understand the criticism, but this is not better than 45 lvl 2. It's cheaper to play by one resource but also has fewer charges than the 45 has bullets, can't easily be reloaded by guardians, doesn't ignore retaliate and takes up an additional slot. Granted, some of these are fairly marginal advantages for most guardians, but they do exist. — Sassenach · 60
Ok, It's possible that 45. automatic level 2 has marginal advantages. But with a cost of 2 xp... Not compensate, in my opinion — Sisvel · 7
On the other hand, the Enchanted Blade can still be used even without charges (for a +1 combat boost, good for finishing odd health enemies where you'd otherwise need to spend an ammo), costs 2 less XP, one less resources, has a better commit icon, and let's be honest takes up an extra slot Guardians do not care about at all right now. Ignoring Retaliate is decent, and particularly cute with Diana, but other than that I definitely think E Blade 0 edges out the level 2 .45 auto. Let — StyxTBeuford · 747
Of course different weapons can be better or worse in certain campaigns, so there's arguments for level 2 .45 in certain contexts, but in a vacuum I think it's a really easy choice. — StyxTBeuford · 747
I think the ability to replenish the ammo in the 45 makes it the superior choice most of the time. The +1 boost to finish off odd health enemies is nice I guess, but for most guardians it's not that big of a deal. Punching for 1 damage is liable to be almost as effective. — Sassenach · 60
Although I would say that EB lvl 3 is vastly superior to 45 lvl 2, and if I were inclined to take the upgraded 45 it would be better to spend 1 more xp and get the better weapon instead. — Sassenach · 60

This card slow down the threat a lot!

When you got any treachery card, it cost as following

  • 0-1 action for average test that may make you discard, lose Health or Sanity
  • 1-2 action when you draw the enemy if you can kill it. But cost more if you can't

But put this card provide you the The Stars Are Right it return you

  • 1 action - Tie you playing action
  • 1 resource - count as 1 action
  • 1 card (From drawing) - count as 1 action
  • Additionally eliminate action cost from the treachery card count as 0-2 action

In short, this card pay back you around 2-4 action as soon as you found it.

Especially when the treachery card is punishing on late scenario.

AquaDrehz · 112
Through the Gates

On paper, this weakness doesn't seem that bad. It's easy to picture scenarios where you draw something like Emergency Cache, some skill card, or end up having to toss an asset in play that's out of ammo or charges. Sure, it's too bad if you end up losing that second copy of .45 Automatic or whatever, but for all intents and purposes, that card might have been on the bottom of your deck and you weren't going to draw it anyway. And heck, maybe the second copy is already in your discard pile - no biggie, right? Or maybe you don't even have a second copy of the drawn card! Then all you've lost is a single card draw - far from the end of the world.

And yeah, you will encounter those types of low impact situations with this card from time to time - which can make it feel pretty mild.

However, when this card hurts, it really hurts. It's particularly brutal if it causes you to lose your only weapon in play, or some other asset you are heavily relying on. If you are playing solo, then - depending on your investigator - you can find yourself suddenly defenseless with essentially no recourse other than to resign. There's the potential for some real feel-bad moments when you end up losing a fully powered Hawk-Eye Folding Camera, or an Investments that you've been juicing since the start of the scenario. And there's nothing quite like having your big gun disintegrated right before a boss fight to really elicit some choice swear words.

Having played with this card a few times now, I have to give it a lot more respect than I did initially. It's a lot of fun (in the way that only cruel cards can be) and is probably one of my favorite weaknesses, just because you never really know how much of a disaster it's going to be until you see what's sitting underneath it.

bricklebrite · 55
Maybe consider running singletons of your super weapons if this is your basic weakness. There are enough high power lvl 4-5 guardian weapons that you can easily diversify if you know this is in your deck. Other staple cards are harder to justify playing around this card, but it is doable with the current card pool this deep. — Death by Chocolate · 13

Does haste also trigger when taking actions on Mythos or scenario cards? What about weaknesses if you have enough actions?

I suppose extra actions make it easier to trigger haste, while free actions that move you also work well to get to more clues.

Edit: Haste makes stuff like "gather ressource" and "draw card" more efficient. Gain 3 cards or 3 ressources for 2 actions? More efficient than Emergency Cache or Preposterous Sketches, if you include costs for drawing, ressources and playing them.

Free actions that grant other action types as effect don't count towards Haste cause you didn't spend an action to initiate them, like Pathfinder doesn't trigger Frozen in Fear. Examples: Double, Double, Uncage the Soul (Sefina), Ever Vigilant (Skids)

Edit2: Ignore my last paragragh, haste cares about performing the same type of action twice, not spending an action to do so. So above cards all trigger haste.

Django · 2206
If it’s got an action arrow I assume it at least counts towards “Activate”, so Id say yes. There’s plenty of encounter cards that require other specific actions as well. — StyxTBeuford · 747
Does this work with double double? — Rivilus · 1
I just realized, Haste says "types include..." which is not an exhaustive list. But it's true, weakness and encounter cards should count as "activate" like in the flashlight question. @Rivilus: Double says that you "play" that event, so i'd say it works. — Django · 2206
What about Uncage the soul (sefina) or Ever Vigilant (Skids)? — Django · 2206
After reading pathfinder, it seems stuff that doesn't cost an action doesn't trigger haste, so double and cards from my last question don't trigger either. — Django · 2206
Ignore my last comment, haste cares about performing the same type of action twice, not spending an action to do so. So above cards all trigger haste. Compared to Frozen in fear, haste cares about the resulting action type, while Frozen in fear checks if an action is initated and modifies the cost. — Django · 2206
Generally speaking, card and abilities that care about “performing” actions only count actions that spend one of your three action opportunities. Playing a fast action or using a fast ability, even one with an action designator, does not count as an action for such purposes.” Matthew Newman — Rivilus · 1
So from that I’m guessing pathfinder, double double etc don’t seem to work... — Rivilus · 1
I was going to say, I'm fairly certain Double, Double etc do not work because it doesn't cost an action, it's just a play effect. If it specifically said you received an extra play Action, it would work. This is relevant as Leo Anderson has the same effect- he gets to play an ally at the beginning of his turn, but it doesn't not count as an action and therefore won't trigger Haste. — StyxTBeuford · 747