Tetsuo Mori

How does Tetsuo Mori interact with Tommy Muldoon's ability? Do i get it right that Tetsuo lets you search for an item if he's defeated and Discarding is part of "defeat". Tommy's ability only replaces the discard effect so you can activate both?

Django · 2362
Tetsuo must be in play in order to trigger his ability. If you manage to order the triggers correctly, then you can activate both abilities. — PartyTime · 1
Twila Katherine Price

Shhhhh. We dont talk about how ridiculously good this card is.

Just put it in your big hoarding deck that started with a 5 investigator, stock up on the best spells in the game and go hog-wild.

You did'nt hear this from me. shhhhhhh.

Disclaimer: She is a cog in an engine decktype that takes a LOT of time setting up and lotsa resources already, make sure you have a lean and focused deck built for getting the engine built ASAP.

Tsuruki23 · 937
It's too bad she doesn't combo with Seal of the Seventh Sign, as those charges are "removed" and not "spent." Oh well. — SGPrometheus · 188
She is basically the ally that I have always been looking for in Akachi decks (and several other Mystics). Akachi doesn't need Int or WP or any of the other special abilities. Play Arcane Initiate early and then play Twila late. — TWWaterfalls · 361
i used her in my norman scrying/stargazing deck, to be able to scry every round was simply amazing — niklas1meyer · 1
Swift Reload

Fast, can give you much more ammo then Extra Ammunition. Brilliant brilliant card.

The extra cost is no problem, characters have more money than most. The extra XP is perfectly worth the bonus ammo and saved action. Just ask Leo Anderson, he allways has some ammo in his supply pack, Mark Harrigan too!

Jokes aside, there's a variety of firearms so all the fighty dudes would do well to at least consider this card a bit.

Edit: wups, Mark cant take it! Still good tho.

Tsuruki23 · 937
Mark Harrigan can't run Swift Reload. He only gets level 0 Tactic cards. — Death by Chocolate · 13
Crystallizer of Dreams

Heads up, seems liek this think was a projected release intended for the upcoming lady Winifred. Yeah. It's gonna be cool.

Smack a variety of small/middling events with a variety of pips, such "You owe me one!" or Followed in there and then dump them on tests to score free cards.

Tsuruki23 · 937
Running it with Versatile in Patrice to build a hand-outside-the-hand. She loves those Mystic events with wild pips anyway; might as well double-dip when the events are useful. — Yenreb · 1
Expeditious Retreat

This is one of those cards Wendy Adams, Rita Young, Silas Marsh and other 4+ characters use to dig themselves and/or friends out of trouble. It seems EXTREEMELY niche, but for that niche, it's very useful. The more players you get at the table the more likely the niche and more useful the card.

The kicker is that "another enemy at your location" clause, since it allows them to evade threats other than those engaged with themselves.

The reason Expeditious Retreat is in my opinion uniquely good is that it really delivers on it's intended task, like a Decoy or Bait and Switch as a means to keep pressure off a friendly fighter or clue-er and along with those other cards you've actually got a useful cardbase of mechanics to depend on.

This effect, "managing enemies" as I call it, is getting more and more useful.

Tsuruki23 · 937