Tony's Quarry

As far as weaknesses go, Tony's Quarry is on the mild side. 4 fight would be an issue for many investigators, but Tony fights at 5 right out of the gate and often goes way beyond that. 3 health is pretty average and means that most set-up investigators can take care of this monster in 2 or even 1 action(s). An evade of 1 is laughable and 1 damage is standard. 2 horror is a bit scary since Tony has low sanity but as he can reasonably kill this in 1 turn, that often won't be an issue.

The biggest problem with this creature is that it spawns with a doom on it. That, admittedly, is pretty bad. Worst case, you draw your weakness with not enough time to go hunt it, and it costs you AND your fellow investigators an entire turn by prematurely advancing the act. Also, depending on the scenario, "furthest away from you" could mean in a place you can't reasonably get to.

However, since TQ gets a (free) bounty on it, you will have a bit more leeway in going after it, since you can engage or fight it for free. This also means that killing it gives you a free resource for your trouble. And if the act was about to advance anyway, this is essentially a monster that doesn't do anything beyond camp a location.

All these things considered, I think this signature weakness is not one of the weakest in the game, but it isn't far off. I would be more concerned with Tony's sanity and low willpower if you were to play him!

Cpt_nice · 4
Dexter Drake

So Dexter is the only player card that has a May effect that occurs before a Then effect, so now we enter a curious situation, does choosing "no" on a may effect not count as resolving the effect in full. So do you only draw if you return a card to your hard, or do you only draw if you have an asset to return. (and then choose to return it or not)

Yog leads me to believe choosing 0 still leads to the then effect triggers, the effect resolved successfully, you just choose a minimal value.

Zerogrim · 15
If the may is intended to be optional, there's no reason to have the Then. Which leads me to believe it is intended to be required to trigger the Then — NarkasisBroon · 1

mild spoilers, but i'm trying to be subtle

Its a niche case but there could be some utility in one of the scenarios. There is a tricky scenario where some locations get discarded in predictible ways (its towards the end of a cycle)... and it says "when a location is discarded, move each investigator and each enemy at that location to 'location x'". If you know when the location will be discarded, you can get some pretty strong monsters discarded along with their location.

Again, pretty niche. I agree its probably got a bit of a revival with Luke Robinson, but other than that i've never found the space in my deck.

nobody has mentioned Minh Thi Phan, who can set up into a "barricade minh" mode where she helps everyone else with skill tests all around the place. She's not invulnerable but its awesome if her random weakness is The Thing That Follows. :-)

Solemn Vow

So seems like a nice card that can help dealing with lots of damage, I've got three questions and my thoughts on the answers:

Q1) Does it count as "healing" for Carolyn Fern? Carolyn Fern. Clearly its useful for her to more conveniently heal others and get the resources herself, or remove the pain from others when a timing issue is criticial. But... i don't think this counts as "healing" when it comes to triggering her reaction ability, does it? I think it deliberately doesn't use the word heal, you are moving the hurt. It means she can take the horror off somebody close to defeat, but to get the extra resource from healing, she then has to heal herself (or Peter Sylvestre!)

A1) I think not.

Q2) If you have multiple Solemn Vows in play, can you trigger them all at the same time. (say you have some Fine Clothes, can another investigator with two solemn vows trigger them both to do 1 damage and 1 horror to the Fine Clothes, or would the Fine Clothes be defeated after the first trigger?

A2) I think yes you can.

Q3) In conjunction with a cancelling card like Perseverance, can you move the damage/horror from somebody and then stop the damage transferring across to you? Particularly more relevant if you have all three Solemn Vows out at the same time and can cancel 3 damage with Perseverance or Devil's Luck

A3) So long as the effect says you are cancelling the "horror" or "damage", and not the cancelling it being assigned. (because then you would be cancelling the move, so the original investigator would keep it?)

Q1 the answer is no. Moving is never healing. Carolyn can however move the horror from someone else onto Peter Sylvestre who can then heal it off. For Q2 the answer is no as you have to resolve as much of the ability in full before you are allowed to trigger the next one- so you move one, then defeat the clothes, then you can move the next one. For Q3 I believe the answer is no because you are moving the damage/horror, not assigning it or dealing it. But, even if that's wrong and you could somehow prevent the movement of damage/horror, then you would be undoing Solemn Vow's trigger because you're never healing or removing the damage/horror from the original card, you're just moving it. So if the move is prevented, damage/horror stays exactly where it is. — StyxTBeuford · 11131
Fwiw all good questions that could very much come up when playing this fun and bizarre card. — StyxTBeuford · 11131
Thanks! :-) there are a few cards like this where I find I do have to think long and hard about how they will get used before committing to them. This will be my first go through with Carolyn Fern (teamed up with Agnes Baker for the lovely horror-taking damage factor)... and yes I was ideally thinking of assigning it to Peter, or just soaking up the horror on my investigator to heal at a more convenient time (so Agnes can free up her sanity to do more damage!) — Phoenixbadger · 36
I think that's a very smart way of doing it, Agnes+Carolyn is a good pairing. — StyxTBeuford · 11131
Q3: similar to q2, you resolve each vow separately so you can’t cancel all 3 at the same time. Usually each source of damage/ horror is resolved separately, including weaknesses like psychosis. — Django · 2884
Mariner's Compass

Understandably, most of the comparisons here are to Fire Axe, as the equivalent of it, and looking at it like that, it comes up a little short. Another interesting comparison would be the Fingerprint Kit. A card that is 4 resources for 3 investigations at +1 that potentially net you six clues. Looking at the compass as a comparable card, it's 1 cheaper to get into play, but making each test at the same bonus will be more expensive, ending up at 6 for the card and three +1 investigations. Of course, it doesn't run out of charges, and you don't have to spend those resources, and can even spend more. So long as you can take advantage of that, using it more than three times, or synergise it with other cards, it gets more value. So if you think Fingerprint Kit is good, it can be better if you can keep it in play and don't mind staying low on resources.

Obviously, this comparison is faulty, too - a seeker tool is always going to be different to a survivor tool. Not that many Survivors have the to really make use of this. Wendy Adams and Calvin Wright are probably the best stat-wise, with Preston Fairmont able to make it up with resource shenanigans. But even the other survivors can make up for their lower stats with survivor tools like Dark Horse or Lucky!

Cross-class, Minh Thi Phan, Rex Murphy and Finn Edwards benefit a lot from this card, though Rex can simply run a Fingerprint Kit build, so he has to build towards it to make it worthwhile. Minh can take as many Survivor cards as she likes, so I think it works best in her. She can stay low-resource in a Dark Horse build without it really hurting her, and all but guarantee the two clues a turn with committed skills and/or Lucky! or Live and Learn in hand. Alternatively, Rex can overcommit on compass tests, pick up three clues with one action and use the rest for things you usually struggle to find time for as a seeker.

I think it's a good card overall, but limited more than a little by its class. If we ever get a Survivor 5/Seeker 2 it might find a place where it really shines.

SSW · 42
Seems designed specifically for a Dark Horse/Madame LaBranche interaction to get 4 clues in 2 actions without being used up. — Time4Tiddy · 89
I still think it is very comparable to the Fire Axe but a nerfed version since it would break the game if it gave a +2Int for each resource. This is one indication that the design team realizes that one clue doesn't equal one damage after so many instances where the best card out of a set was the clue getting card. — TWWaterfalls · 586
Until recently Clues were hard to get for survivors. But Dark horse deck with granny orne and compass seems solid to me. — Django · 2884