Runic Axe

This card is doing some good work with Lily Chen. No longer are we stuck with Dragon Pole or Cyclopean Hammer. Lily and Zoey are prime candidates for HUNT and FURY. To start, I recommend getting SCRIPTWEAVER as soon as possible. HUNT and HEIRLOOM next. If you want a lvl5 axe, finish it off with SAGA and GLORY. The cool thing is you have upgrade path options as well; ELDERS for Roland Banks, FURY for Zoey Samaras etc.

I think, "Ancient Power" plus "Scriptweaver" plus "Inscription of Glory" might be a sick combo for Akachi. She normally wouldn't want to fight with combat, but this lets her once per turn fight with a skill of 6 to 10, dealing 2 to 4 damage and using any buff you don't need on the current enemy to heal or draw cards. The downside being of course, that she can use it at most maybe any other turn for one attack, and it's quite expensive for a sidearm XP wise, which likely requires an additional fight spell. It's also not that synergetic with her ability (will enter the game with 5 charges, but then replenish only up to a max of 4), and she likes using her hands for a Sword Cane or Grotesque Statue. — Susumu · 221
On the plus site, this can absolutely replace a "Sword Cane" in a level 0 deck, unless you want to avoid vengeance. In particular for Rats and similar "scenario 1 critters", it looks totally servicable without any ticks on the custom-sheet. It is quite expensive compared to Sword Cane, though. In particular, once she wants to rather replay than first-play her spells with "Uncage the Soul". — Susumu · 221
Vincent Lee

Question, how do his copies of on the mend interact with Ancestral memory?

Do they count as skills in my deck for the 10 skill requirement, or are they like bonded cards?

I assume they cannot be put under ancestral memory?

Tgaland · 1
They are set out of play at the beginning of a scenario, so you can't put them under it. In regards to whether they count, I suppose you could say yes, but On the Mend is variable so it could make your deck invalid if players drop in and out. I don't think there's anything preventing them from counting for Ancestral Knowledge's skill requirement. — Tay5967 · 14
They do not count towards your deck size, and they are not even part of your deck, just set aside. So I would say no, they are not eligible to count towards the "10 skill minimum" requirement of "Ancestral Knowledge". — Susumu · 221
I would guess, not even "Whispers from the Deep" would allow Amanda to take only 9 other skills into her deck. (Not, that this would do much sense for her anyway.) If a card doesn't count towards your deck size, it shouldn't count towards other card limits either. — Susumu · 221
Protective Incantation

Can Protective Incantation Forced effect be paid by Antiquary?

If yes, it would be great in a Jim Culver deck, where two copies of Protective Incantation remove the highest number negative modifier + Nkosi Mabati reduce to 0 every symbol token. Combined all of these with Grotesque Statue + Scavenging and your only fear is the autofail token.

No. — toastsushi · 62
Is the Forced effect a skill test? No, it isn't. So you can't use the resources on Antiquary to pay for the Forced effect. — fiatluxia · 50
Soul Sanctification

This card has a pretty insane combo with Fickle Fortune.

The idea is that you have at least 1 copy of Fickle Fortune in your discard, and 2 copies of Resourceful in hand. Then, wait until the "Witching Hour" (the turn when there's one doom left on the agenda threshold).

Action 1: Pass a skill test, committing both Resourcefuls to it. Have each Resourceful pull Fickle Fortune out of your discard, healing your entire team for 3 damage and 3 horror.

Action 2: Play True Survivor, returning the Resourcefuls again

Action 3: Same as action 1.

You've just healed 12 damage and 12 horror, for a total of 24 Unexpected Courages. And not just for you - for every investigator with a copy of Soul sanctification. So in a 4-player game, this combo would generate 96 Unexpected Courages for your team. Which should be more than enough for your team to pass every skill test for the rest of the scenario.

If you had more than 3 actions, or other ways to recur them even more during this turn, you can probably get the number even higher.

After you pull off the combo, you can just do it again on a later turn, but select the second option, to cash in your Fickle Fortunes for entire extra rounds. Considering your entire team will be fully healed at that point, the direct damage and horror isn't much of a downside.

Neofalcon · 9
Limit 2 dilemmas a turn. — MrGoldbee · 1265
And only one soul sanctification in game because it's unique. — Tharzax · 1
It also adds doom and would only add charges to the user's Soul Sanctification. It's when *you* heal, not when you are healed by someone else. — SSW · 181
Welp. Wrong on just about every count. — Neofalcon · 9
This is why you read cards before posting about them, guys. — Neofalcon · 9


The word "after" refers to the moment immediately after the specified timing point or triggering condition has fully resolved.

So it appears, "The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion" gave Rita a new and clean answer to her weakness, by exploiting it. This does not look trivial, she needs ways to turn down their evade value to zero. An easier way to do that would be using two supplies from the level 3 Flashlight (also from TSK, not yet on ArkhamDB, but it did not change from the Beta version floating around for some time), less wasteful with uses, but also more janky, to combine just one supply from it with Impromptu Barrier.

Because Exploit Weakness discards the enemy as part of the Evasion, and the Forced ability would trigger after the Hoods are discarded, they are already out of play and can't attack anymore. Is this more efficient than taking either bow in her to deal with them? Probably not, but it should open her up to builds, that use other assets in her hands.

Susumu · 221