Soutien. Accessoire

Objet. Charme.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Après avoir réussi un test de compétence avec une différence de 2 ou plus, inclinez l'Étui à Cigarettes Porte-Bonheur : piochez 1 carte.

« Il ne porte pas tant bonheur que ça. J'avais juste envie d'une sèche. »
Dual Brush Studios
Les Fils du Destin #107.
Étui à Cigarettes Porte-Bonheur

It helps if you are both lucky AND good.

This card is probably an auto-include in Rex Murphy. Run it with higher ed and you get extra clues and card draw at a low, low price.

Outside of Rex, most rogues will probably consider this card but I think the class as a whole is still waiting for a solid succeed by two archetype to be fully fleshed out. It might already be there (this card helps a lot), but it hasn't been fully fleshed out yet.

Although, it might also just be worth it in rogues with a high evade or fight stat. So long as it gets you three cards (likely to happen) it will be a net positive for tempo.

I like it.

Myriad · 1148
It comboes extremely well with Lockpicks. I've drawn it turn one with Lockpicks twice and it was bonkers. — Katsue · 9
Actually, the action spent to play this could be used for something else, to gain a net benefit you need 4 draws. I'dd play this in a a Finn or Wendy deck where you plan to get Pickpocket (2). This is the perfect placeholder for that card. — Tsuruki23 · 2329
Play it with Lockpicks turn 1, and if you're unlucky, you will only draw 5 or 6 cards from this card. — Katsue · 9
One of the few 0 XP rogue accessory cards. Can be searched with backpack. — Django · 4299
There is also Jenny, for whom cards are worth more than resources. You probably still need 4 draws for profit, but you might consider yourself just about breaking even on 3 draws. — duke_loves_biscuits · 1136