Joey "The Rat" Vigil

Just wondering something about Joey's second ability. It says "Discard an Item asset from play: Gain 2 resources". I'm sure I'm reading it wrong but would that not mean you could discard items in other players play areas? It doesn't say your play area.

I'm sorry but the review section is not for question; I think BGG is great place to quest the rule. Another review by Nenananas handles this issue. To pay something as the cost, you need to control; thus, you can only discard the item you control. — elkeinkrad · 311
Forced Learning

This permanent was really fun with Mandy Thompson (30 cards). Every line on the permanent worked to her advantage.

+15 deck size? Great, I can fit in three sets of Myriad cards, Segment of Onyx, A Glimmer of Hope and Astounding Revelation while not feeling like I have a bloated deck. 6 spots leftover for me to fill in with Seeker allies (tons of great options).

Draw 2 cards per upkeep? Great. Procs my Ancient Stones twice as fast with no action required.

Discard 1 of them? Great. Lets me discard allies, survivor cards, item cards.

What to take with Survivor subclass as Mandy? Winging It, Impromptu Barrier, A Glimmer of Hope, A Chance Encounter. Three of these are playable from the Discard Pile, while A Chance Encounter lets you play discarded allies.

Don't forget to take Calling in Favors to be able to put 2 allies into play using Mandy's ability. You can even use it on the "A Chance Encounter" target.

For upgrades, take Charisma/Miskatonic Archaeology Funding to facilitate more allies. Ancient Stone to utilise the Draw 2 effect. Versatile + Scavenging to recur any items used up or discarded during upkeep. Protecting the Anirniq works wonders with Ancient Stone/A Chance Encounter.

Conclusion: Don't take this if you were hoping to be flexible during upkeep and "choose" which cards to keep based on the situation. Don't take this if you care about your opening hand either.

Instead, take it if you're like me and actively WANT half your deck discarded and to proc Ancient Stone. The only things I didn't want to discard were Talents, Skill Cards and the cards that let me do ally shenanigans. Everything else was fair game.

Oh, and who cares if you drew Shocking Discovery during your upkeep phase? You lose the other card which you can probably get back and it's considered a dead draw which doesn't matter for a Big Hand Mandy deck. As Mandy, I almost never draw Shocking Discovery because she has plenty of ways to proc it on her own terms via Search.

kongieieie · 9
I played this without Ancient Stone and it was still incredible. Used Versatilex2 to get Quick Thinking — Maseiken · 1
Miskatonic Archaeology Funding

As someone immersed in academia, I find the restriction on damaging your Miskatonic allies a hilariously realistic representation of your need to stay in your founder's good graces and demonstrate responsible stewardship of grant resources.

I mean, everyone takes some wear and tear on an expedition, but you are not going to get your grant renewed if your annual report shows you recklessly shoved the funded professors into the front lines of fighting with unholy abominations.

That OTHER intern you have with you, though--they came along on private funding. You can totally send them to investigate that noise.

You're right that it's a win for theming and absolutely hilarious to boot. — DjMiniboss · 44
Dr. William T. Maleson

I'm sure this is obvious to experienced players, but as a pretty new player, I've benefitted from reviews that explain synergies and changes from newer cards, so I thought I'd add a little one here:

The Ally slot math is different since the release of Miskatonic Archaeology Funding, at least for Seekers. The 4xp permanent which lets you slot 2 additional allies with the Miskatonic trait.

That's two XP less than taking double Charisma, and usually doable after the first scenario. Go ahead, put three different level zero allies in your deck. They will only be dead draws during the easiest scenario in your game. Now you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Well, you can eat most of your cake, anyway. Slowly. The Funding restricts you to dealing one damage or horror to a Miskatonic ally per blow you are taking. This reduces his effective soak potential to 3, over three separate hits. Still a bargain! But bring along someone not funded by Miskatonic, or another soak, so that you have somewhere else to spread out the heavy damage hits.

The first scenario is definitely not always the easiest! I leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out which campaigns I'm thinking about here... regardless, I'm not sure Dr. William T. Maleson is the best use of your extra ally slots. — DjMiniboss · 44
I think if you want to go cheap in terms of resources spent, Dr. Maleson is your perfect no. 2 Miskatonic dude though. He's cheap, versatile and has the best cost/soak ratio and a potentially scenario saving ability. — liwl0115 · 29
Silas Marsh

Most players are not going to think too much about their investigator's Elder Sign (), which comes up so rarely and doesn't really do anything. Seriously, how many effects are just +X or only trigger on particular types of tests? Anyways, if your name is Father Mateo, your whole shtick is about the Elder Sign and getting it as often as possible... but Silas Marsh players should also take note, because this is the strongest one in the game.

First off, the effect -- you get to commit YOUR CHOICE of skill cards from the discard pile, (1) getting its icons, (2) getting its skill card benefits, and (3) keeping it around for another test. Any of the three parts would be good-to-great effects, but all three? Amazing. Let's talk about each: (1) the doesn't give you any skill boost by itself, so in the event you aren't going to pass the test (a test in Mythos, probably), this is almost like a Lucky!. Keeping some icons, like an Unexpected Courage, in the discard pile is key. (2) Oh boy -- we don't just play skill cards for their icons, we mostly play them for their action-less effects. Here, there's NO RISK in committing the card, since you know if you'll pass and trigger the effect. And the big prize here is Resourceful, as long as you're taking a , , or test, and you get to grab ANOTHER from the discard pile. It could be another skill, or a powerful event. But maybe if you're going to pass by 1 (and now 2) anyways, why not give yourself another action with Quick Thinking? Your discard pile is your oyster. (3) If that wasn't enough, you'll get a chance to do the effect AGAIN on a future test. Silas can run low on cards on hand because he commits so many skills, so this solves that problem very quickly.

Putting all three effects together and you get a huge tempo swing. The not so unusual case with Resourceful and Lucky! (3) goes like this: compared to just drawing a 0 or +1 token, you'll pick up two more cards in hand from your discard pile (the aforementioned Resourceful and Lucky!). On a future test that you might fail, you'll commit Resourceful, play Lucky! and get it back, and then draw another card from Lucky!'s effect. You'll never fail a skill test again, and you'll keep replenishing your hand. That's the way to stay ahead of the game.

OK, so how do you make sure this keeps happening? In , it's Eucatastrophe, and Silas / Resourceful is probably why the Taboo list makes you remove the card from the game after you play it. Still, doing it twice per game is plenty powerful. Against All Odds, the only card that potentially reveals multiple tokens, is worth a passing thought, but nothing more than that. For maximum multiplayer fun, though, pair with an investigator who will give you some help. One option is someone who can take Blessing of Isis and will follow you around. Silas Marsh is excellent with tokens as well, so you can really put that Favor of the Sun to good use here. The other option is to get help from a Mystic who will toss you a Seal of the Elder Sign or seal other tokens like with The Chthonian Stone, to make drawing the more likely. Or just play with Jacqueline Fine, who can use her ability on you!

Lastly, the only time that the effect fizzles is when there is nothing in the discard pile you can commit. This is because your discard pile is empty because the game just started -- a strong endorsement for Short Supply -- or you don't have skill cards with matching icons in the discard, like a few icons or Guts in the Mythos phase. That's why it's a good idea to have a variety of skills in Silas and commit when you can. Or maybe you've already pulled everything back from your discard pile with True Survivor or something, in which case you're probably already trouncing the scenario.

dscarpac · 74
Yorick is also why you remove Euca, given his elder sign is in some ways even better, getting any card you want back, Yorick, Silas and Mateo are certainly the best three in the game by a long margin. — Zerogrim · 241
Same w/ Winnie. Cards back! — MrGoldbee · 1234