Coût: 0. XP: 2.


Choisissez un soutien Objet dans votre pile de défausse. Choisissez une des options suivantes :

- Retirez de la partie ce soutien et gagnez un nombre de ressources égal à son coût.

- Jouez ce soutien (en payant son coût).

Vous aussi, vous vous sentez un peu abandonné.
Robert Laskey
Les Clefs Écarlates – Extension Investigateurs #116.


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Disclaimer: Pre-Scarlet Keys release review.


  • 18/12/22: Added the Old Shotgun that enters play with 2 ammo while Salvaged!
  • 13/02/22: Added the cash engine with .45 Thompson and other expensive assets.

A lot of Recursion tech is 0xp: Resourceful, Scrounge for Supplies, Scavenging. The exceptions are Shrine of the Moirai (3), Scavenging (2) and True Survivor (3).

So what justifies the 2xp?

  1. The action compression: instead of adding a card to your hand the way Scrounge for Supplies or Scavenging operate, you get to play it immediately. This is 1 immediate action for 2xp.
  2. You can target literally any Item, when Resourceful limits you to and Scrounge for Supplies to lvl 0 cards.
  3. You get the flexibility to trash an Item that you will not want to play anymore in case you are not planning on reusing it, and get some resources for it.

It would be impossible to name all of the items that would work with this, but interesting examples are for instance:

  • Items that do something when played: the Lupara (though you do not avoid the AoO) or the Backpack that discards itself when empty or if it doesn't hit anything.
  • Expensive Items that you can remove from the game to pay for another copy, like the .45 Thompson or a Lightning Gun.
  • The Old Shotgun enters play with 2 ammo while played through an event.

An interesting combo is with Act of Desperation; you throw away an item and either replay it with the money that you got back or get the resource cost another time!
Bothered about the only 3 uses of the Chainsaw? Well, you are now served. Throw it with Act of Desperation and play it again right after. Add a Emergency Cache (3), and you have enough supplies to cut a whole forest (of Ancient One's tentacles, which is much more climate-friendly).

Another interesting combo is, especially with .45 Thompson, to hope that Short Supply will throw it away for you (or you can also commit it easily), and you can use Salvage on it for a massive income. There are, unfortunately, very few cards that are items and that expensive, especially in , the Timeworn Brand being the other possibility. Still, there are much better ways to spend 5xp.

Now the real question, though: will it see play? I would say yes, especially in Short Supply Decks. Unless you can use Scavenging (2) reliably, like our new friend Darrell Simmons...

Valentin1331 · 60952
Glad I'm not the only one who saw that and thought "William could juggling some serious chainsaws with this." Love the look of this card for that deck. — n00bshooter · 1
Daisy and Dexter may use some black market salvaging to get rid of their nasty items. — Escalir · 1

This is the only way to get back Becky once it is in your discard pile for Tommy Muldoon if it got accidentally taken away from you...

One copy of Salvage and 1-2 of Resourceful and Becky is safe from anything that doesn't take it out of the game :)

EDIT : NOPE, I'm an idiot that can't read a card for years, see the comments ;)

captainfire · 223
The only way, other than Tetsuo Mori, Scavenging, Chance Encounter/Scrounge for Supplies to get back Tetsuo. There's now easily enough ways to get back Becky, and ways of getting back the things that get back Becky, that you can run Short Supply with no worries whatsoever. Salvage bumps it a lot since it's so fast, but it is one of the higher exp costs. — SSW · 206
Wow... I think my life as been a lie for the last 2 years :o I NEVER saw the mention "or your discard pile" on Tetsuo Mori, I just never needed it as your weapons are generally in your deck when he dies.... Then Salvage is great only if actively don't want to play him :p — captainfire · 223

Strangely, this card doesn't specify a "non-weakness" Item, so one could remove Daisy's Necronomicon from the game.

(Finding how Daisy can play a 2xp card is left as an exercice to the reader. This would have been easier for Minh if The King is Yellow was an item.)

Emmental · 106
The silly solution is Versatile to include "You Owe Me One!", but the simple solution is Eidetic Memory. That said, even if she had it in her hand without hoops, I'm not sure how worthwhile it is. you spend an action to remove it from the game and get 0 resources - which is only useful if you are spinning your deck, but then you would have likely had to spend an additional 3 actions to have gotten it out of play earlier. Most Daisy decks would rather just play around it being in play for the rest of the game than spend 4 actions disposing of it. So I think the 'why Daisy would play it' is a much harder exercise than the how. It is a cheeky interaction in paper though. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Teamwork would also work with versatile and other investigators. It works better since you can play it when this card is in your hand. (black market should also work if you are lucky) — Tharzax · 1
Players can’t control someone else’s signature card or weakness so teamwork can’t hand it over — Django · 4974
You should hand over salvage not the necronomicon. — Tharzax · 1
Salvage is not an item, ally or resource, so not a valid target for teamwork. — zrayak · 83
You are right I thought you could trade just cards — Tharzax · 1
There's Black Market, which does not care. — Lailah · 1