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Gulnaga · 164

Trying for a fairly simple Winifred deck that can start dealing with problems and helping out fairly quickly. It is a little event heavy to help put events onto the Crystallizer of Dreams to use to feed additional cards into her skill tests.

This deck is a work in progress but the plan is to work to leverage Crystallizer of Dreams and how it feeds into Wini's ability. The focus will be primarily on dealing with monsters both using evasion with some damage thrown in to take them out.

I'm playing this deck initially through Forgotten Age as a duo with Ursula Downs. This deck and entry will evolve heavily during it and hopefully at some point I'll be confident in it enough to remove this text.

Notes: An option I am testing out now is replacing one of the Crystallizer of Dreams with Backpack. If you don't do this ignore the Backpack upgrade below.

Setting everything up:

  • Charon's Obol (2) - Lots of XP options, this deck is hungry. And if you're going to be playing risky with Wini... why not put it all on the line?
  • Pickpocketing x2 (4) - Card/resource generation, this deck does have a focus on evasion after all.
  • Versatile (2) - This deck could use more cards with how quickly it would go through them, would use to add more events. For the 0xp card of another suit I'm leaning toward Track Shoes to give added mobility, +1 , and an easy skill check to overcome. I also don't feel bad about only having one in the deck and it will help me keep up with Ursula when needed. Still working on it but cards I would add: 2x Sneak Attack and 2x Liquid Courage. Getting Versatile has an added bonus of reducing our horror from deck cycling.
  • Backpack (2) - Serves three purposes, to get out important items, to keep your hand clear for events/skills, and to pull the calls out of your normal card draw. It makes having just 1 of a lot of the assets tolerable.
  • Liquid Courage x2 (2) - To deal with horror. Cheap and hopefully a random card lost would be worth the extra horror heal so Wini's low doesn't hurt much (and can potentially help). Also deals with horror from deck cycling.
  • Relic Hunter + Lucky Cigarette Case (6) - To improve card draw from over succeeding at skill tests. Also adds some weakness avoidance with all the card draw. Might only need/want one of the cases in the deck though to conserve xp. Replace one of the Mauser C96 with Lucky Cigarette Case.
  • Chicago Typewriter (4) - Gun upgrade, being able to hit the 3 damage mark regularly. Once this is done it might be time to replace the Lockpicks with Pilfer/Pilfer depending on availability of XP due to it taking both hands.
  • Chuck Fergus (5) - With his focus on events getting them cheaper and fast to then put on Crystallizer. Will be working with Backstab, Cheap Shot, Slip Away, Pilfer, and Sneak Attack. So you should be able to use him most every turn for a 'free action' and change. Add to that his resource cost is half Leo De Luca's.
  • Double, Double (8) - To maximize what we get out of events before they go on the Crystallizer.

Other Excellent Options:

  • Backstab / Cheap Shot / Slip Away / Pilfer (2-3 each) - As long as they stick on Crystallizer between their use and the 'end of your turn'. Would give you a 'must use' skill to use if you meet the threshold. Pilfer would replace Lockpicks
  • Ace in the Hole (6) - If we get enough XP... more actions are great and with how often this deck should cycle... but would be more useful if it had a skill icon or if you could Double, Double it. Not sure it is worth the xp unless you some to spare. 0 cost for 3 actions is nice...
  • Charisma w/ Leo De Luca or Cat Burglar (4-5) - For those seeking more companionship! Another action or emergency disengage and 1! XP will vary depending if you only want 1 of the ally in the deck to keep it streamlined or 2 to get them out faster.

If horror is still a huge issue after Liquid Courage:


Early Game (10xp):

Mid Game (25xp):

Late Game (33+xp):

Dealing with damage/horror is a worry for this deck. Wini is pretty stout but without any healing abilities and the low mind her only intitial defense is "You Handle this One!". You get a good amount of help from Liquid Courage and it's upgrade Liquid Courage. And if you really are still hurting from horror you can consider Moment of Respite and/or Cheat Death.

I'll have to play it a bit to work out the kinks, Leo De Luca seems a bit expensive for this deck at the start. Any thoughts on what might be a better starter ally?

Trimmed a lot of the assets to be fewer, especially later in the deck's life due to the potential draw and how quickly (hopefully) we'll go through the deck. Lonewolf is a good pick to replace with something else, especially once you've upgraded to Pickpocketing.


Sep 11, 2020 Gulnaga · 164

This is the first deck I've created and posted on ArkhamDB. So please comment! I'm really hoping to refine this deck so it will become something special both as I play it through the campaign and through feedback received here!

Debating of taking some of the assets to just having one in the deck especially if the draw moves through the deck quickly to make it manageable. Possibly taking Lockpicks and Crystallizer of Dreams down to just one each. This would open up more events to put in... Pilfer perhaps being worth tossing in to manage clues with fewer lockpicks. Wouldn't want to lower the guns too much, especially with the ammo... Copycat is a tempting upgrade to get Wini's card draw for just one effective skill card. But I don't think it would be needed with the amount of icons we -should- be getting from Crystallizer. I'm fairly happy with the idea of this deck having just one Ally (Ideally Chuck Fergus). With how much it relies on Crystallizer, perhaps keeping to two of them would be best.

Sep 11, 2020 Django · 3425

I haven't played Winifred Habbamock yet so it's hard to tell how consistent her ability is, but the combo with Crystallizer of Dreams looks nice.

Charisma for Leo De Luca and Chuck Fergus?

Regarding Track Shoes, if you just want a boost, how about The Moon • XVIII? Costs 1 XP each and no ressources if they're in your starting hand. Or Cat Burglar and Charisma?

Backpack and Backpack 2 to get your items out faster espcially once you add 1x Track Shoes?

Sep 11, 2020 Gulnaga · 164

@DjangoHrrm, not really needing Leo in there that much and wanting to keep the costs and assets down. So I'm happy to just have a single Chuck in there, he gives a really nice boost and synergy to the deck but isn't required. The Cat Burglar is more tempting but still not sure I want to push two more assets in and spend 3xp on charisma. Will pull it in as an option to the guide!

For Track Shoes I put them in mostly due to being a way to get another easy skill test and bonus movement in. The boost is just a nice bonus.

The backpack sounds fantastic though! Will slot something out and add the backpack in, with backpack 2 after the Versatile or Liquid Courage. Aside from getting the items out a good bit earlier it will also get more assets out of the deck (and on the backpack) to make it more likely to draw skills/events!


Sep 26, 2020 Gulnaga · 164

So far this deck has been playing well through my first go of Forgotten Age! Doing a two-person play through w/ Ursula as the other. A modification I'd make is try upgrading to the Chicago Typewriter before Relic Hunter/Lucky Cigarette Case and maybe even before the 2x Liquid Courage. Backstab has been fantastic for when I don't have a weapon out yet, leaning heavily toward upgrading to Backstab, possibly even before Chuck Fergus.

Oct 01, 2020 _EricTheCleric · 1

Looks like you've found a very good home for the Crystallizer. I've tried to include it in several decks before and always ended up swapping it for Lucky Cigarette Case, but that trade would definitely be a drop in power for this deck. Can't wait to give the deck a go!

FYI, a decent shout for Versatile that I'm going to upgrade into my deck is Waylay. Wini is more than capable of evading, she has the cash to afford it, and it combos well with Crystallizer.

Dec 29, 2020 VanyelAshke · 140

Thank you for posting your deck. The community seems to have a general consensus that Lucky Cigarette Case is more effective than Crystallizer of Dreams in Wini:

  • LCC is sure to fire due to Wini over-committing on tests
  • card draw is important to keep the chain going (play cards to succeed tests, which draws you cards to continue succeeding tests)
  • Crystallizer's enemy is likely to be drawn numerous times during a scenario

I'm curious to hear your feedback on how this deck has performed. I trust that it functions well, but do you think that Crystallizer is at least equal in value/power as Lucky Cigarette Case?

Dec 29, 2020 Gulnaga · 164

@VanyelAshke Lucky Cigarette Case is fantastic and really useful in the play but for a very event heavy Wini I really enjoyed the synergy of Crystallizer of Dreams.

I would 100% use LCC over CoD in a skill heavy deck with Wini. This deck wasn't as speedy or versatile as a skill variant but the variety and frequency of events really let me throttle the ‘oomph’ each test would pay out. Felt more satisfying as a result.