Soutien. Arcane


Cost: 4. XP: 4.
Test Icons:


Après que vous avez joué un évènement, inclinez Dédoubler : jouez de nouveau cet évènement comme s'il était dans votre main.

La harpie crie : "'Il est temps ! Il est temps !"
- William Shakespeare, Macbeth
Tiziano Baracchi
Devant le Trône Noir #320.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • "As If": Some card effects allow an investigator to resolve an ability or perform an action as if a certain aspect of the game state were altered, using the text “as if…” to indicate the difference. The indicated ability or action is resolved with the altered game state in mind, but the actual game state remains unchanged.
    • This includes all steps of the indicated ability/action, including the paying of its costs, attacks of opportunity (where applicable), and resolving each aspect of its effect.
    • Other card abilities or game effects do not resolve with the altered game state in mind; only the indicated ability/action. - FAQ, v.1.7, March 2020
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  1. Double, Double.
  2. The title of this card is a single word, doubled.
  3. The cost of this card is 2 x 2 = 4.
  4. The level of this card is also 4.
  5. Because it is exceptional, you pay double the XP to buy this card.
  6. Ironically, because it is exceptional, you can only have 1 in your deck.
  7. It has 2 commit icons on it.
  8. Not counting the duplicating coin in the middle, there are 16 (or 2^2^2) intact coins on the artwork.
  9. It lets you play any event twice.
  10. Aside from the keyword, the flavor text and rules text each take up 2 lines (4 total)
  11. It takes up an Arcane slot, of which you have 2.
  12. It is card 320 (2^5 x 10, note 2 x 5 = 10) in "The Circle Undone" cycle.
  13. It is in "Before the Black Throne", the Mythos pack containing the 8th Scenario this cycle.
  14. "The Circle Undone" is the 4th cycle of Arkham Horror LCG.
  15. The set symbol for "The Circle Undone" shows a severed figure 8, which contains 2 loops.
  16. The Rogue class symbol has 2 loops intertwined as well.

Alright enough of that. Clearly this is a Sefina Rousseau card. Get some extra value from The Painted World, a card that normally is restricted to three plays a game. Because Painted World becomes a copy of whatever card you play it as initially, I'm fairly sure you'd have to play that same event again if you Double, Double it, instead of getting to change targets, but that's okay. There's a lot of cards worth doubling: Drawn to the Flame, Sneak Attack, Backstab, Swift Reflexes, Narrow Escape, Hot Streak. Some events wont benefit well from this (Ward of Protection, Drawn to the Flame on lower player counts, Sure Gamble), but overall you'll probably get more than enough value out of it to make it worthwhile. Hot Streak is already a very powerful Sefina card when combined with Lola Santiago, so doubling it seems strong. Speaking of Lola and Hot Streak, Preston Fairmont likes this card as well. Preston relies on events to do anything (Intel Report, Decoy, Small Favor, "Look what I found!") so this could be very valuable action economy for him. Oh, and there's also Ace in the Hole.

That said I'm not fully sure how some of the timing would work there. Could you use it to discover four clues with "Look what I found!"? Could Sefina double Think on Your Feet and move two locations instead of one, or can she not double the card since she didn't draw another enemy? I'm not sure how the timing works here. Still, I'm sure there will be plenty of targets for this card. Two paragraphs.

StyxTBeuford · 982
What Money Talks does is change the type of a skill test from ‘whatever it is’ to a resource skill test. Playing it again with Double, Double would then change it (again) to a resource skill test - i.e. no actual effect besides exhausting Double, Double. — Death by Chocolate · 13
Ah yes you're right. I'll edit that out. — StyxTBeuford · 982
Double thumbs up for this post. Doubled. — mythosmeeple · 174
This reply is here to make sure there are 4 comments on this review. — StyxTBeuford · 982
Do you pay for the event a second time? — dotPeddy · 1
Yes — Alogon · 376
I'm really scared of one thing "play it again as if it were in your hand". Does that mean that you have to pay the cost again ? Action and all ? I don't think so because it would make the card so mediocre in comparison of its cost, but a confirmation would be appreciated. — Docteur_Hareng · 1
You pay the cost, not the action. — StyxTBeuford · 982
> Could Sefina double Think on Your Feet and move two locations instead of one — Steinbran · 1
"Could Sefina double Think on Your Feet and move two locations instead of one." Of course not, you have to replay the event as if it were in your hand. When you move the first time, the trigger for TOYF is no longer met. Same with "Because Painted World becomes a copy of whatever card you play it as initially, I'm fairly sure you'd have to play that same event again if you Double, Double it" TPW is played "as a copy" but doesn't "become" that other card. Once it's removed from play it is simply a regular TPW (which is why it doesn't work with e.g. Delve to Deep). — Steinbran · 1
This is just to verify playing it with Hot Streak. You collect the resources from the first Hot Streak and can use those to pay for Double, Double replayed Hot Streak. That is how I interpret the card but I have made plenty of mistakes in this game before. — TWWaterfalls · 367
I want to know very clearly whether the effect of this card will make me pay for the action again,thank you very much. — zephyr1001 · 1
Does "Double, Double" replay the same card or does it create another instance of a card that is an exact copy of the event you just played which you then may play during that window? — Kaldaran · 1
It says "Play that card again..." So I think it plays that card. There's no concept of creating a copy of a card described in the rulebook (up to this release; Swarm does use that term I think) — Yenreb · 1
@Zephyr The effect of playing the copy is not done as an action- it's timed as part of the reaction ability on Double Double. It's the same thing as the Guardian card "Ever Vigilant", where for one action you play 3 assets at once. You do have to pay the cost of the event again. — StyxTBeuford · 982

Currently the deck builder allows you to put two of these in a deck. Being fuzzy on the rules for 'exceptional' I did that. Yes I realize it means I've been cheating for quite a few scenarios but I just want to say that having two copies in play is the most glorious thing I've seen in any game so far :p

jmccrary · 9
You could actually legally have two copies in play - one of your own, and one played from someone else's hand with You Owe Me One. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Only if you don't care about losing friendships... — Sassenach · 90
Couldn't you use a second copy of You Owe Me One to take a third copy from a second (former) friend? — cb42 · 23
Depends on the investigator. It would need 3 arcane slots so it would have to be somebody with mystic access, although I guess Versatile is a thing. — Sassenach · 90
(1) Play 2 Sign Magicks as Sef, then steal 1 copy each from Jenny and Preston. Then have Skids give you his with Teamwork. (2) ???? (3) Profit? — bricklebrite · 56
Oops, Teamwork doesn't work on Rituals. I knew that card was crap! — bricklebrite · 56
Maybe play Double Double on "You Owe me One" to steal twice? I think that works. Now, if only we could figure out a way to get 5 copies in play... — bricklebrite · 56
The duplicated event still takes an action, so even with Leo you can only benefit from so many Doubles... unless of course you're using them all to double Ace in the Hole :p — jmccrary · 9
Why would the duplicated event still take an action? The trigger on Double Double tells you to play that card. See also Joey "the Rat" or "You owe me one". — Yenreb · 1
The duplicated event does not take an action. We have so many cards that work similarly that show this is the case- Easy Mark, Tony's Long Colt, Ever Vigilant, You Owe Me One, Joey, the list goes on. — StyxTBeuford · 982
I think - I could be wrong- that @ jmccrary's point is that playing the event in the first place, before duplicating it, takes an action, so you need extra actions to use more than three Double Doubles/per turn. But honestly, if you've built your entire team around giving four copies of Double Double to Sefina, then I guess you're going to build in a way to use all four :). — bee123 · 16
Because it has the text "as if it were in your hand" and playing a non-fast event from hand requires an action, does that not mean the duplicate requires an action? — Halo99 · 1
It does not, as playing a card is not inherently an action. Playing is am action you can take, just like taking 1 resource is an action you can take. If a card tells you to gain a resource as a result of its effect, you dont pay an action for that resource. Same principle- this is a reaction trigger, and the effect is you get to play the event. It doesn’t take an action because its an effect that’s part of the react trigger. — StyxTBeuford · 982