Soutien. Corps


Cost: 1. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Aprés l'entrée en jeu du Sac à Dos : cherchez jusqu'à 3 cartes Ravitaillement ou Objet non-Faiblesse parmi les 12 cartes du dessus de votre deck et attachez-les face cachée au Sac à Dos. Mélangez votre deck.

Vous avez le droit de jouer les cartes attachées au Sac à Dos comme si elles étaient dans votre main. S'il n'y a aucune carte attachée au Sac à Dos, défaussez-le.

Adam Lane
Renouveau - La Civilisation Oubliée #11.
Sac à Dos

At only 1 resource and 2XP, this upgrade to Wendy's Amulet looks like a terrific way to make her more reliable!

As a neat bonus, it can be included in non-Wendy decks that may lack reliable tutors, to dig out such as:

Grab two of them so that even if you don't pull the 1-of that you're looking for, there's a good chance you'll find a Backpack in your Backpack, so you can tutor after you tutor. (If you like that.)

HanoverFist · 345
Consider also that Joey "the Rat" Vigil could make this fast. The L3 version could also discard it from play and pay you 2 resources (either for Scavenging shenanigans or because it's empty and you don't need it anymore). — Zinjanthropus · 161
@Zinjabthropus the bag already discards itself when empty. But his upgrade sounds really awesome. — Docteur_Hareng · 1
Codices — OrionJA · 1
And the other wierd keys that aren't really keys because they're Ys. — suika · 7598
Wondering why he hotlinked Guard Dog in the last sentence. — Pinchers · 21
"yo dog" — Zerogrim · 181
^^ — HanoverFist · 345