Pay to Play. Become the 1%. (Hard Mode) (MP/SP)

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RoscoeDaLib · 329


This is a hard-mode generalist deck that can be upgraded to become focused in group play or remain a generalist.

The deck was not made with any specific campaign in mind.

Deck Breakdown

Core Cards:

  • Leo De Luca: Every investigator has a standard 3 action turn. This deck is designed so that any resources you have on Family Inheritance during your turn are put into your resource pool. With Leo De Luca you can do this while maintaining a standard amount of 3 actions.
  • Well Connected: This is the bread and butter card that synergizes with Preston's massive resource generation. 1 check per turn should be a guaranteed success (aside from critical failure) with this card in play after a few turns.
  • Lone Wolf: While this definitely will be a struggle in multiplayer a brief amount of coordination will allow you to get value from this card increasing your passive resource generation per turn from 5 to 6 (Upkeep, Family Inheritance, Lone Wolf) which is more than a stat per turn for Well Connected.

Resource/Card Economy:

  • "You handle this one!": Not only is this card insanely high value in terms of surviving unlucky situations on Preston, but it is deceivingly even higher value past the 1 resource generation. Given that with upgrades you will be using resources to pump your stats for checks this card keeps you alive and saves you somewhere between 4-6 resources on checks you might not have to do.
  • Drawing Thin: It's inevitable - it's going to happen - you are going to fail a check (you do have all 1s). So, why not benefit in the process? Ideally you will have both of these down for either massive resource gen or some free card draw from a check you know you won't pass.
  • Take Heart: Very powerful wombo combo with Drawing Thin. You are going to be a very rich man. Don't let it go to your head.

Sustaining Yourself Outside of Well Connected:

For starters remember that this deck will always be slightly less effective in the first scenario. It's designed around Well Connected and other cards to pump stats you don't really have yet. That being said you still have tools at your disposal:

  • Money Talks: Very powerful card that can be clutch early to boost your stats to the 5/6 range for an emergency or used later in the scenario to eliminate all fails except critical.
  • Cunning: 3 icon pitch towards Intelligence or Agility checks - 4 with the totem.
  • Live and Learn: Just in general a very powerful card and the synergy with some of the cards above explains itself.
  • Lucky!: Same as live and learn.
  • Guts: Because Will checks will fuck you without a date and never call you afterwards. Also helpful for allies.

Utility/Optional Cards:

These just depend on what you want to do I could see these being replaced, but I went with these and this is why:

  • Fire Axe: Seemed like the best way for Preston to deal any damage at all early on.
  • Intel Report: 6/4/2 Resources is chump change for us rich people so this just seemed like a strong card to cleanup the last few clues on a VP location or to finish off a scenario.
  • "Look what I found!"
  • Dario El-Amin: Free stats with our resource pool and additional soak.


There is limitless potential here. Just decide what you want to do and take cards that make sense. Here are a list of things you can grab based on how the deck plays:


May 04, 2019 crazystich519 · 1

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May 22, 2019 Stebb · 2

Interesting Deck and something quite new so am giving it a go with something based on this deck... Ive found it hard to pass on Rise to the Occasion and also felt the need to take the fire axe for any early smaller combats and maybe a mega hit later if needed. Quite nervous though he feels very frail and open to be dependent on card draws given his base stats but will see and interesting none the less.