Coût: 2.


Limite de 1 par investigateur.

Inclinez Relations Influentes : vous gagnez +1 à votre valeur de compétence pour ce test pour chaque groupe de 5 ressources que vous possédez.

Parfois, connaître les bonnes personnes est plus important qu'avoir du talent.
Tiziano Baracchi
Le Cercle Brisé #28.
Relations Influentes


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Do resources on Family Inheritance count for Well Connected? aside from Jenny's Elder Sign effect, we've not had another card which refers to "resource(s) you have" so there's been some confusion about exactly what counts. A: "Resources you have" refers to the number of resources your investigator possesses, or in other words, the number of resources in your resource pool. Think of it as shorthand for "Resources in your resource pool"; the meaning is the same either way.

  • Q: If I were to use Well Connected at, say, 20 resources, then spend 2 resources on a talent, am I getting a +4 boost from Well Connected (due to the resources I had when triggering it) or +3 due to my current resource count? A: Well Connected creates a lasting effect when you use it, which continues to affect the game state for its specified duration (in this case, "for this skill test."). This effect will continue to alter the game state based on its conditions and parameters and will update if necessary. In this case, the bonus will change based on how many resources you have, so if you spend resources after activating the ability, it could lower the bonus (or vice-versa). Remember that your total modified value is calculated during Step 5 of the skill test, so if you gain or lose resources after Step 5, it won't matter.

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This card is a really fun Level 0 include for Ashcan. His ability lets him ready an asset, so you can use this card at level 0 twice per turn.

(Since they added the XP version of Well Connected this is less cool, but still makes for a fun deck)

KakuRainbow · 89

Through Adaptable, I was able to add in Well Connected to my deck after picking up some much needed rogue cards. The combination of this, Sefina Rousseau, her The Painted World cards, and Hot Streak, I was able to able to ultimately stirke up 20+ resources and have a +4 on much needed skill tests. This wouldn't of been able to happen early campaign as Sefina (maybe Jenny Barnes?) just didn't have the resource pool, so the upgraded Hot Streaks were necessary to see this really pay off.

Ulitmatley, once your set up, and you happy to hold on to your resources, then an exhaust for a +1/+2 is solid.

This card is clearly built for Preston Fairmont, and any investigator that wants to make use of Dr. Milan Christopher/Lone Wolf/Burglary.

This is a good example of why Adaptable is such a great card — Zinjanthropus · 225
So I know this question is going to sound very stupid because there is an answer to it in the FAQ up above, but that answer, doesn't actually answer the question. The question is, do the resources on family inheritance count? Family inheritance says you may spend them as if they were in your resource pool; it does NOT say you may TREAT them as if they were in your resource pool. — LaRoix · 1634
No, the resources on family inheritance do not count. It's for this reason Dark Horse/Fire Axe Preston works. — gionazzo · 64

This card is the core of a very entertaining deck type, the “saving money” deck. There are other cards designed to reward you for saving money (such money talks and cunning) but this one is by far the most impactful. It can give you a very substantial bonus on one test of any type each turn, which makes you a very flexible character. This card is primarily designed for filthy rich characters, I find it very difficult not to include it in any Preston Fairmont deck I make, and it is easy to make a Jenny Barnes deck that makes good use of this as well. It is quite practical for Jenny to be getting +4 on a test in the latter part of a mission, and Preston can do even better, and suddenly you are guaranteed to be able to do at least one really good skill check each turn.

Once you have this card it becomes really tempting to save money, so you can reach that point of easily doing one powerful thing each turn. and while spending 5 money to get a +1 bonus once per turn for the rest of the game is not, in theory, as efficient as other more dedicated cards, it is straightforward to do and the money isn't actually totally consumed, either. At the end of the game, in the last turn or two, you can suddenly burn it off on Intel Report or some other high cost cards.

It can also be useful in wealthy decks (typically Rogue decks) that are not quite so dedicated to saving money. If you only save 10 money the flexible +2 bonus is still quite worthwhile, and even the +1 bonus for saving 5 resources is not bad for a card that costs no XP and doesn't use up a slot, if the money was just going to be sitting around anyway. You are not really going to use this card in a deck with a more ordinary cash flow, though – it is not efficient to spend 7 resources (2 for the card plus 5 to power it) just to get a +1 bonus each turn, when resources are scarce and other cards are competing for those resources.

ChristopherA · 108
I really like using well connected on big money rogues to facilitate huge searches with lucky cigarette case (3) I was regularly getting up to 30 resources and searching like crazy — NarkasisBroon · 10
While it is true, that this is a Preston card, and likely very strong in him, it is not "very difficult" to forfeit it a Preston deck. I played him with "Dark Horse", and this was very strong, too, but would clash with "Well Connected". The nice thing about "Dark Horse" is, that it can be triggered, even if Preston still has money in his "Family Inheritance". — Susumu · 351
I also have only ever actually played Poorston Fairmont. He's an amazing cluever with mariners compasses and dark horse now — NarkasisBroon · 10
I see my phrasing was confusing, I didn't mean it is hard to make a good Preston Fairmont deck without Well-Connected, I meant I like the card so much that I don't want to make a Preston deck without it, it is my favorite card when playing him. — ChristopherA · 108
When it says ''Limit 1 per investigator'' - does that mean you can only have one in your deck or one in play? — Sozzals · 1
"Limit 1 per investigator" just means that multiple copies of Well Connected can be play at the table, but each investigator is only allowed to have a single copy of Well Connected in their play area. You have the option to include 2 copies of Well Connected in your deck, but that turns your 2nd copy of Well Connected into a dead draw if you ever get it into your hand. — Telosa · 46