Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Rapide. À jouer après avoir échoué à un test de compétence avec une différence de 2 ou moins pendant que vous enquêtiez.

Découvrez 2 indices dans votre lieu.

Mark Molnar
Boîte de Base #79.
« Regardez ce que j'ai Trouvé ! »
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • You can only 'discover' a clue if there is a clue on your location.
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In my opinion, this card has one of the finest artworks of the core set and perfectly illustrates the survivor's feat: turning a bad situation into a good one!

You can play it after investigating in a location with at least 1 clue on it. There are plenty of chances during a scenario to trigger this event. It's greatest plus is that it is never wasted. You merely play it after the attempt, in comparison to committing cards to a skill test upfront!

Fast cards aren't subject to Attacks of Opportunity, so if you are engaged when playing Look what I found!, you only get hit once (for the investigation test).

Special note: if the location has a shroud of 2 or less (after applying all modifiers), you can even play Look what I found! after drawing the -symbol token and resolve the effect!

This card is so good in most decks that it is easier to summarize where it does not shine brightly:


  • Great click-compression. Gain two actions for the cost of one!
  • Comboes well with Rabbit's Foot.
  • In hard/expert difficulty propabilities shift and you frequently fail investigations by more than 2 points, the card becomes more appealing to investigators with high Intellect then.


  • One-time effect only. It should not be your only means for gathering clues.
  • Rex Murphy can not include it due to his deckbuilding restriction.
  • Investigators with high Intellect most often pass their investigation tests instead of failing on easy/standard difficulty.
  • A spoiler prevents Look what I found! from being played, while Working a Hunch and Drawn to the Flame bypass it.
  • spoiler is not discarded after Look what I found! is resolved, because the investigation is still considered unsuccessful.
Synisill · 774
That's interersting, if you collect the last clues with the last spoiler card active it remains even though no clues are present? — Django · 4305
@Django: Pretty sure, yes, it would stay, spoiler card "OF" could have been placed on a location with no clues initially, and also would stay. — Synisill · 774

I want to add to the other review that in my experience, having "Look what I found!" in hand and wanting to make use of the action-compression is a sure-fire way to just pass all your investigate tests. Seriously. Recently, I even opted as "Ashcan" Pete NOT to investigate with Duke for the express purpose of failing so I could grab both clues, draw a card with Rabbit's Foot, and get out of there. Nope, still passed.

HollowsHeart · 17
Like sparking a cigarette while waiting for a bus. — Mac · 1
This is especially an issue with Rita, because her Elder Sign is +2, so it's really hard to reliably fail tests. — Zinjanthropus · 212
I wonder if you can play Look what I found! for the 2 clues then then right after play Lucky! to pass it. — Lotharun · 1
No, that wouldn't work. Lucky has to be played when you would fail, so the +2 would make you pass. This card can only be played after you fail a test. Live and Learn would work, though. — Jaysaber · 7