Faveur. Stratagème.

Cost: 0.

Rapide. À jouer quand vous initiez un test de compétence.

Au lieu d'utiliser le type de compétence indiqué pour ce test (, , , ou ), effectuez un test de ressources. Votre valeur de compétence de base pour ce test est égale à la moité du nombre de ressources dans votre réserve de ressources (arrondi à l'inférieur).

L'argent ne fait pas le bonheur. Mais il peut acheter à peu près tout le reste.
Robert Laskey
Le Cercle Brisé #29.
L'Argent est Roi
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can skill icons be committed to a resource skill test as triggered by Money Talks? A: It appears that icons can be committed to any skill test, regardless of which skill is being tested, and regardless of whether or not a skill is even being tested whatsoever. From the RR, Skill Test Timing, ST2: "An appropriate skill icon is either one that matches the skill being tested, or a wild icon. The investigator performing this test gets +1 to his or her skill value during this test for each appropriate skill icon that is committed to this test." This sentence makes it clear to me that icons can still be committed to a "resource" skill test, even though "resource" is not a skill type.

  • Q: Money Talks is played when you initiate a skill test. If you are being required to test something due to a revelation effect, is that not considered "you initiate a skill test" so that you aren't allowed to play Money Talks? A: You are still initiating a skill test in such an event; the fact that you are being forced to do so doesn't change that. So you could still play Money Talks when that happens.

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Excellent for any character build that stacks resources.

Well Connected builds with several resource cards to support it, based on Preston Fairmont's and Jenny Barnes's extra resource generation can routinely hit 20+ resources. While the resource mountains are primarily collected to channel bonuses on Well Connected, Money Talks is an excellent support card to slot in this archetype. It's just an extra lever for Preston Fairmont to pull to channel his vast wealth into test success.

This is a great card to beat key tests such as scenario specific ones (Talking to Lita Chantler(/card/05005)) or against key treacheries (Ridding yourself of [Frozen in Fear](/card/01164 or not dying to Rotting Remains).

Money Talks is terrific in the right deck, TERRIBLE outside it.

Tsuruki23 · 1726
Another Investigator that can aim for a big money build would be Sefina. — Mataza · 12

Not very impressed with this card for Preston right now. It does not count the resources on Family Inheritance and requires taking an action to get them in his legit resource pool and I just don't want to spend the extra actions when I could use those resources on a stat pump or use skill cards instead.

miggydoh · 73
Sitting on 10/15 is a legit strat for Preston using Well Connected. I don't think I would bother with this card if I wasn't on Well Connected and the new rogue skill. — Myriad · 821
I was pretty skeptical of this card myself, but my Preston partner in a 2p campaign was at 25 resources for a couple rounds and this made for a laughably easy Double or Nothing. — Death by Chocolate · 581
I'll have to look into a resource hoarding build and give it a second chance. — miggydoh · 73
Has there been an official ruling on this yet in regards to if you can commit still cards to the test? — Myriad · 821
It seems pretty obvious that you could only commit Wild icons since the test is no longer a will, Int, com, or Agi test, but the rules for commuting says “An appropriate skill icon is either one that matches the skill being tested, or a wild icon.“ so wild icons would still apply since Money Talks makes it a ‘resource skill test’ which is still a skill test. — Death by Chocolate · 581
I built a Winifred Habbamock deck than pretty regularly ended up getting over 20 resources once the engine got going with "Watch This!" and Pickpocketing [2]. Ended up introducing this card with Adaptible. It helps a lot with Willpower treacheries or if you just want an easy two clues with Double or Nothing. Pretty good stuff. In the early game it was basically a dead draw, though. — Zinjanthropus · 155