Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Choisissez un investigateur dans votre lieu. Cet investigateur cherche une carte parmi les 6 cartes du dessus de son deck, il la pioche et mélange son deck.

Ilich Henriquez
La Route de Carcosa #26.
Retourner Chaque Pierre

Surprised to find there's no review for such a staple card! No Stone Unturned offers some support tutoring ability to help yourself and teammates find setup pieces. However, at only 6 cards searched for 2 resources and an action, no stoned unturned is rarely worth the price of admission unless it comboes with your investigator particularly well (Mandy and Joe Diamond's Hunch deck come to mind).

toddwords · 3
I agree. It's okay in most decks that can take it, but fantastic for Joe and Mandy. No Stone Unturned(5) is bonkers good for any seeker (any even better for Joe and Mandy), but 5 XP is a tall ask. — DrMChristopher · 84