Perspicacité. Maudit.

Coût: 0.


En tant que coût supplémentaire pour jouer Connaissance Profonde, ajoutez 2 pions à la réserve du Chaos.

Les investigateurs dans votre lieu piochent un total de 3 cartes (vous décidez combien de cartes pioche chaque investigateur).

Michael Komarck
La Conspiration d'Innsmouth #23.
Connaissance Profonde


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Getting three cards for an action and zero bucks is extremely powerful. It can protect you from the encounter deck in Dunwich and night of the zealot.

You’ll have to deal with the curse tokens sooner or later, which means spending experience points. Which makes total sense for a card with the keywords of both insight and cursed.

MrGoldbee · 1420
I think it's pretty bad cause you need to draw this card as well, it's more like 2 actions and 2 curses to draw 3 cards. The real value is giving the draw to people how are out of cards and/or missing key cards. — Django · 4976
Of course there's also the consideration of "is curses in the bag a bad thing?" Seems like there's a theme in seeker and mystic of drawing power from have curses in the bag. — NarkasisBroon · 10
At low XP most curses result in a failed test because you aim at the difficulties most likely modifier (+2 on standard). However with more XP you tend to have a higher modifier (XP weapons and spells have higher bonus), so curses lose relevance. They're also less relevant for survivors as they fail on purpose and can modify the result after drawing tokens. — Django · 4976
Solo Marie added a few Curses with Promise of Power (sometimes aided by Practice Makes Perfect) and almost never had to draw all of them. Later in the Campaign she would often pass anyway when drawing them. — Zinjanthropus · 225
powerfull card for insigh decks (roland parallel, joe diamond) — isuscbrmid · 38

Dude, I just realized this card is a Lord of the Rings LCG reference :O

In Lord of the Rings LCG, Deep Knowledge is a card that has every player draw 2 cards, but also has a downside in Doomed 2 keyword.

TrueLolzor · 7
Wait till you read the flavour text on a test of will. — NarkasisBroon · 10

I needed to add a review to this card, Do you want to know if this pcard is good? this card is a 0xp non fast Cryptic Research, Save that Xp and buy more powerfull cards like Prophesiae Profana, the best part? 2 copies of this thing will save practically 8xp, the crazy part? can be used by every investigator that has acces to 0 lvl cards, maybe it is an auto-include for Roland Banks because this Directive can make it fast

Mopkiddo · 2
What about the curses? Those can really sting if they cause a fellow investigator to fail a Pilfer or Storm of Spirits test — Nenananas · 250
The chances for that are really slim. A few curses here and there are ok. — Jota · 6
I think this card and Faustian Bargain should both be taboo'd to 1xp. Maybe Promise of Power too. I don't think two curse tokens are anywhere near as big a drawback as the designers thought they would be. — Pseudo Nymh · 42
I'm really sorry to say, but I totally disagree the reason of the review. Cryptic Research is really strong card, and its strength comes from fast. Nowadays, seeker's draw tempo is really fast, due to several draw sources, such as PMP+perception, Empirical Hypothesis, Cryptic Research, Big hand with Serum and so on. To maximize the power of fast drawing tempo, no-action-paid card is more valuable than action-paid card. I think the target to compare is Preposterous Sketches; this card save 2 resources with ignoring clue condition. — elkeinkrad · 473