Coût: 5.


Choisissez soit votre lieu, soit un lieu connexe. Infligez 3 dégâts à chaque ennemi et à chaque investigateur dans le lieu choisi.

Dimitri Bielak
Boîte de Base #24.
Explosion de Dynamite


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • When you play Dynamite Blast while engaged with enemies, first you spend an action and pay the cost, then each engaged enemy makes an attack of opportunity against you, and then the effects of the card resolve -- but only if you're still alive. If the enemies' attacks defeat you, the effects won't resolve.

  • Q: Roland plays Dynamite Blast (attack of opportunity was resolved, he was still alive), and the card effect was resolved. Roland and Ghoul Priest are both defeated by taking damage equal to his or its health. What should I do in this situation? Can I choose the order in which damage is resolved? In a solo game, is the game resolution "If no resolution was reached" or "R1/R2", or other game resolutions? If it is in a multiplayer game, which is the resolution? A: If Dynamite Blast defeated both you and your enemy-objective in a solo game, we rule that you can decide which resolution you resolve, since you both accomplished the objective and were defeated. That said, because you were defeated, you still must suffer 1 physical trauma.

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What happens to a bug that gets hit by dynamite, the same thing that happens to mutants and mist creatures.

Do not underestimate the power of this card when going into war. (and try not to think about the poor poor couriers running this lit stick of dynamite from one city to another)

Zerogrim · 287
"Hold up, I'm gonna throw this dynamite at Europe." — SGPrometheus · 776

This seems to be a staple in many protector decks, but truly this card is better used by evasive characters who can disengage or use teleportation cards (such as Elusive or Survival Instinct ) to launch Dynamite from an adjacent room.

While it certainly feels heroic to use Zoey or Roland to draw aggro then blow themselves up, it's often detrimental to the party's success to willingly subject them to 3 damage. Sure, it can sometimes save the scenario, but just as often it can place your best monster-hunter on death's doorstep.

It's far more effective to place it in the decks of the swifter investigators who have resources to spare (Skids, Jenny, Rex) and let them play with the explosives. If the enemies survive then the protectors job is to come back in the room and do clean up.

masonproulx · 70
I take Elusive on Zoey for this reason, and now Leo and Mark can also do it. In fact, poor Roland (and Carolyn) are the only Guardians who can't pull off this combo — Chitinid · 14
How does this work with swarming enemies? Does it do 3 to each separate instance? — Erdjo · 322
@Smeshnik It does! Each swarm card under the host counts as a separate enemy. Similarly Storm of Spirits works the same way. — SGPrometheus · 776

Dynamite Blast is the biggest "noob trap" card in the game, and by that I mean this: Imagine you just bought the game, know very little about it and decide to get started with the Core Campaign. You pick Roland as your Investigator, as naturally Guardians are usually the Investigator that attract greenhorns the most for solo play, and decide to build a deck yourself. You pick cards to build your deck, see Dynamite Blast among the main offensive events, pick it up and try using it... And then realise how botherline useless it is.

Let's talk about the positive: 3 AoE damage that doesn't not require a test to deal is extremely good. If you nail a room of 3 enemies or so, it already pays for itself despite the high resource cost. The cards also gets a discount and makes you immune to attacks of opportunity when played when upgraded

As for the negatives: you provoke attacks of opportunity when played and it can cause friendly fire, these two combine makes it impractical to blow your location up with it, because most of the time it will leave you and your companions in pretty awful conditions, making any kill you score with it a phyrric victory at best

And now let's talk about what actually makes the card nearly useless in my opinion: it is an issue with the card itself, is an issue in how the game is designed, specifically about one aspect of the game: enemy spawning

Enemies in Arkham spawn usually in 2 ways: on top of you, or in an empty location (connecting or otherwise). Sometimes they spawn the furthest location from you, very rarely on a specific location (that is usally reserved to Elites), but the mayority of spawn instruction are usually right in your face or annoyingly close and separated.

That means, it is rare for enemies to clump up in any location beside your own, if all Investigators are in the room: which is NEVER when you want to chuck dynamite. You never get your dream scenario of blowing up 3 Acolytes and their leader with one explosive because they all spawn separately. You never get a chance of annhilating every Ghoul Minion on the board without first exploding alongside them.

This is a perfect example of a card that would be better if it belonged in a different class: Rogues can make much better use of this because at least they can run away from enemies using Elusive or Cat Burglar and then chuck a stick of dynamite in the room just left, but even you run into the issue of having to evacuate your buddies as well to avoid frindly fire. Still "Skids" and Jenny can take it, and Skids can even upgrade it to level 2, if you are considering running it to make up for his average fight.

I do not think Dynamite Blast is a good event: it is not completely useless, but most of the is impractical to properly use in most situations, and the few time where you can get that perfect scenario where you get to blow up 6 enemies without hurting any Investigator means you just failed your job as Guardian by allowing these many enemies to be alive at once.

It rules in Carolyn, who doesn't want to run most weapons. — MrGoldbee · 1419
@MrGoldbee Carolyn still has to deal with the main issue of enemy spawning in awkward places, even if she has an easier time to play it with her superior economy. I think Fang of Tyr'thrha, Mano a Mano and Blood Eclipse are better picks for her if she wants to defend herself (Mano and Blood Eclipse especially because the former doesn't require a test and the second uses her second best stat, Fang require tech to increase either your agility and fight first, because attacking with a base value of 4... Isn't great) — HeroesOfTomorrow · 46
I still run Dynamite Blast as a one-of in many Guardian decks and usually get it played a few times per campaign. I think I agree with a lot of OP's points, but I also think blasting 2-3 enemies for 3 damage each is still pretty good. It's a situational card, not a staple, but it has its uses (especially in team compositions that include evade-focused investigators). — Pseudo Nymh · 42
@MrGoldbee I just now remember that Fang of Tyr'thrha is level 4, so one of my early Carlolyn decks was illegal, great — HeroesOfTomorrow · 46