Parallel Pete Perfected [Guide]

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Calprinicus · 5479

I don't see many parallel Pete decks & this free print-n-play investigator is outstanding. This build is a solid mix of clue finding, enemy removal, trap tricks, & other support.

I have played parallel Pete through 3 campaigns, most recently ironmaning Scarlet Keys over a three day weekend. I have tested most available cards with him & have settled on this list.

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You'll rotate between cluing & fighting. While a decent solo build, pete excels in multiplayer games as his strengths also apply to his entire team.

You'll be lowering the shroud of locations so you AND your teammates can quickly find clues:

You'll then set traps:

Find monsters:

Kill those monsters:

Or help teammates avoid monsters:

You're more durable than you think with:

Finally, once you find something that works for your current scenario, you can rinse & repeat the cards you played:


In the Thick of It

  • Take 2 Mental Trauma.
  • Unfortunately, this deck is a little experience hungry with some of the recent taboo changes (Shed a Light & Old Keyring). If you play without taboo, you don't need this addition.
  • At the start of each scenario, you'll be very weak, however, Pete's Guitar will quickly restore your sanity.

Pete's Guitar

  • This is the MVP, guaranteed to start in play & not many treacheries can remove it.
  • Thankfully this doesn't require a hand slot!
  • This can peel an engaged enemy off you, but also off of other investigators at your location or connecting locations.
  • It's great for enemies that move with patrol, hunter, or elusive from reaching their goal.
  • It's easy to keep enemies at the location with a poisonous Makeshift Trap or enemies with a Grievous Wound away until they die.
  • It can help bring enemies with doom, like Acolyte to you or keep those pesky Whippoorwills away.
  • The constant horror healing combined with Jessica Hyde gives you a lot of extra durability.
  • I find myself using the extra resource quite often to pay for the traps, especially Ambush.


  • The +1 damage is guaranteed because of Pete's Guitar can move a second monster off of you. Rarely will you be swarmed with 3+ monsters.
  • At times, it can be hard to hit enemies with 4+ fight, so make sure you have Jessica Hyde, Overpower, Makeshift Trap, or Wolf Mask before looking for monsters.
  • Currently, this is the best one-handed weapon for the build. I've tried them all.

Old Keyring

  • You will likely get all 6 clues from your Old Keyring.
  • Focus on locations with 3 or lower shroud.
    • Shroud 2 = No assistance.
  • Once depleted & discarded, Shrine of the Moirai can return to your hand.


Hallowed Mirror

  • Pete doesn't have much Health/Sanity AND you're taking In the Thick of It. You can use on Teammates & Allies, but I find that Pete often needs it the most.
  • Return Soothing Melody to your hand with Shrine of the Moirai is very effective at keeping your team alive.

Jessica Hyde

  • is your most important stat as it helps with both hitting monsters with Machete and finding clues with Breach the Door.
  • Since Jessica Hyde can heal herself, she provides a excellent durability for the very fragile investigator.


  • Primarily used to lower the shroud to 0 for Old Keyring & Shed a Light.
  • It also helps the whole team for the round! Great for victory locations.

Survival Technique

  • This is primarily to return Breach the Door back to your hand. This alone gives you significantly more clue finding potential!
  • It can also be used to return Shrine of the Moirai allowing you and your team to get multiple uses of their most powerful cards!
  • This can return a Ambush, Hiding Spot, or Makeshift Trap if you need Pete's to return something else.
  • The second ability occurs a lot more than I expected.

Wolf Mask


  • After using all the tactics & traps available to Pete, this is the most powerful trap he has access to.
  • Two testless damage!
  • Return with "Ashcan" Pete
  • Kills a bunch of lesser enemies outright.
  • This makes 4+ health enemies a lot more manageable with just a Machete.
  • Primarily used before Kicking the Hornet's Nest, On the Hunt, or Shrine of the Moirai.
  • Set at a location you'll be stay at for 2+ rounds or with multiple investigators.
  • Set the trap if you know an enemy will spawn from the Act of Agenda.

Makeshift Trap

  • You'll use Refine to upgrade most if not all of this card.
  • Return with "Ashcan" Pete
  • Since "Ashcan" Pete only has Improvised cards 0-4, he can only have upto 8 checkmarks on this trap.
  • Explosive Detonation CANNOT be used in conjunction with "Ashcan" Pete (see card's FAQ).
  • The best upgrade is Simple. This makes the trap reactive. You'll only play AFTER a tougher enemy spawns.
  • Second is Poisonous upgrade, which may only deal a single damage each round, but it's easy to keep an enemy on that location with Pete's Guitar.
  • Finally Remote Configuration allows you to help adjacent allies deal with the monsters on them.
  • The Improved Timer was helpful at getting other cards from "Ashcan" Pete to your hand. You might want this over remote configuration.
  • the Tripwire upgrade was useless as "Ashcan" Pete can just return it to your hand.
  • While powerful, I didn't find the Net upgrade very useful as you already have Pete's Guitar

Hiding Spot

  • Return with "Ashcan" Pete
  • You can attach ANYWHERE.
  • For 1 resource, you can prevent a lot of damage from hunter or other moving enemies!
  • Note: An engaged enemy that gains aloof will NOT disengage from the investigator it's engaged with.
  • Check the comments of this cards for a lot of fun tricks with it's timing.

Grievous Wound

On the Hunt

  • Best used with Ambush.
  • Unlike On the Hunt, this version attaches to an enemy (a scenario card) and you can return it with "Ashcan" Pete .
  • Find ANY monster in encounter deck!
  • This loop can quickly remove all the monsters from the encounter deck while making you rich at the same time.

Kicking the Hornet's Nest

  • Beat used with Ambush.
  • Use at high shroud locations for a testless clue.
  • Great for resources.

Breach the Door

Shed a Light

Shrine of the Moirai



Duke & Wracked by Nightmares

  • If you miss Duke, you can still add him to your deck, but you'll also need to add Wracked by Nightmares.
  • Duke will not start in play, instead he is shuffled in your deck like any other player card.
  • I tried a campaign with Duke/Wracked by Nightmares and I would opt for not including them. Duke didn't synergize with what the deck is now trying to do.




May 30, 2024 Lichking · 1

This level 0 deck clearly has too many guardian Lv 0 cards in it... But it's still a great guide, I'll be happy to test it sometime

May 30, 2024 Calprinicus · 5479

@Lichking Bummer, your right, but only by 2 cards.

Jun 07, 2024 sergeyvpopov · 51

Soothing Melody does not have a level - are you sure Shrine of the Moirai can return it to your hand?

Jun 08, 2024 Calprinicus · 5479


I had to look this up. I was unaware cards could have no level! However, you are correct. Looks like bonded cards, some story cards, and signature cards have no level and cannot be retrieved with Shrine of the Moirai.

Bonded cards: "Cards with the bonded keyword are linked to another player card. They have no level and therefore are not available as deckbuilding options."

"Q: Can I return signature cards to my hand with Shrine of the Moirai? If so, how many levels do they count as? A: Signature cards do not have a level, so they cannot be returned to your hand with Shrine of the Moirai. - FAQ, v.2.0, August 2022"

Jun 20, 2024 skadoosh · 1

I ran this deck through Cyclopean Foundations as a flex with 2 other investigators (fighter and cluer).

The deck was really fun and engaging.

Pete's Guitar and Breach the Door are definite MVPs.

I found Ambush and Grievous Wound to be lackluster with our investigators setup. I was more inclined to move enemies off me or play the Makeshift Trap (or both).

Overall great and fun deck, so thank you for making it :)

Jun 20, 2024 Calprinicus · 5479

@skadoosh Thanks for the play report! I'm glad you had fun with it! Parallel Pete's definitely in my top 5 investigators to play. Quick setup & lots of engagement. A bit surprised you found Ambush lackluster, it's always been an MVP for me. Likely, because you were with a dedicated fighter.