Marie Lambeau - The Blood Sorceress

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Treskow · 164

The Blood Sorceress

One might think that the new star of The Clover Club is just a talented singer and a great performer. Truth be told, the success of Marie Lambeau is based on her skills as a witch. Using magical, Soothing Melodies and Mystifying Songs to charm the crowd are simple tasks, if one gained Deep Knowledge from studying Occult Lexicons and the De Vermis Mysteriis.

Gaining Power comes with a cost though, and without knowing Marie has attracted Unwanted attention from the other Side. With the support of her Circle she can perform Rituals to keep the threat at bay, but for how long?

On the other hand, she was forced to seek wisdom about Occult Invocations, that let one summon Spectral Razors and cause Blood Eclipses, in order to be prepared for the nameless horrors she has Seen in her Hallowed Mirror. Ever since her first encounter, Marie seeks the strength to Protect herself and her dears, even if it means to perform the forbidden art of Blood Magic and to weave deadly Curses.

Whatever the future holds, Marie has Read the Signs and will be ready to do what has to be done, no matter the cost.


Welcome to my Marie Lambeau Deck!

With the new cards from "The Scarlett Keys" i wanted to create a thematically fitting deck, that is still efficient and effective at the same time.

The general idea of this deck is quite simple. We want to use mostly events instead of assets to reduce the set-up time and to be as flexible as possbie. This deck offers a good combination of everything you might need. It has card draw, resource generation, clue gathering and enemy managment capabilities.

About Spells

The focus on events has two main issues. We need to have enough events to stay relevant and we need to be able to pay for our events. To solve these issues, we only need two cards as our main engine

Because of our deck's set up, Arcane Initiate is very likely to find a spell each turn and Prophetic provides enough resources to play them. The card draw is further increase with

and the resource generation is supported by

About Mysteriis

The De Vermis Mysteriis (2) is another key asset for this deck and together with Sin-Eater (3) the reason why Marie Lambeau has gained a big boost in her power level.

This book alone provides

  • 1 additional spell each turn
  • 1 additional resource each turn
  • a reliable source of doom

In combination with Sin-Eater (3), we can not only manage the generated doom with ease, but also use De Vermis Mysteriis (2) twice if the doom threshold is high enough.

Furthermore, we can find De Vermis Mysteriis (2) with Research Librarian, making it very likely that we have it in most scenarios.

When we have our core set-up in play, our turns are quite powerfull:

After all that, we still have 2 left to do whatever needs to be done.

About Doom

For Marie's Ability we need doom on our cards. Therefore Arcane Initiate, Sin-Eater and De Vermis Mysteriis are very important assets.

To manage the doom, we want to use Sin-Eater as much as possible. If we have all the doom on this card we just use one on Sin-Eater to get rid of it. The cost of this is compensated by Marie's Ability, making it practically free.

Because Sin-Eater is so strong at handling doom, we dont even need to keep Moonlight Ritual in our deck.

Other Cards

Some Tipps

  • Always hard mulligan for Arcane Initiate and Prophetic (3)
  • Do not forget that Marie has 4 and can get clues without additional support
  • Blood-Rite can deal damage, but it can also be used to just draw cards or turn cards into resources if required
  • The damage from Blood Eclipse is scary. Try to counter balance this effect with Soothing Melody
  • Baron Samedi needs 3 turns and 3 doom to be discarded. Try to plan ahead before placing doom on him. You should always consider any Ancient Evils (or similar effects) in the Mythos Deck
  • Baron Samedi can be a welcome source of doom
  • You do not need to have doom in play all the time to be efficient. If it is not safe, don't use your ability

Upgrade Path

  1. Sin-Eater (3)
  2. Scroll of Secrets into De Vermis Mysteriis (2)
  3. Robes of Endless Night into Prophetic (3)
  4. Charisma (3)
  5. Delve Too Deep into Blood Eclipse (1)

Level 0 Deck

This deck is fully functional at Level 0. Just remove

and replace


Sep 08, 2022 Portinou · 540

I love your deck! Sin-Eater is not a Spell, so you cannot use your free action to remove doom from it, contrarily to what you wrote, right? Also, I think you do not “control” Baron Samedi, it goes in your threat area instead, therefore you cannot use Sin-Eater or Marie’s ability with doom on him? Did you consider adding Blood Pact to the deck, to guarantee consistent use of Marie’s ability even if you do not find Arcane Initiate in your opening hand?

Sep 08, 2022 Treskow · 164

@Portinou thank you very much, i'm very happy you like the deck :)

You are totally correct that Marie's ability cannot be used on Sin-Eater (3). I meant to say that, because of the extra action the doom on Sin-Eater (3) provides for Marie, the can be considered literally "free".

Regarding Baron Samedi, i think that, because he occupies the ally slot, doom on him does activate Marie's ability. But i might be wrong here.

Blood Pact (3) is for sure a great card to purchase because of the reason you mentioned. I wanted to keep the required experience low, therefore it is missing, but in a second / full experience version i would definetly include it.

Sep 10, 2022 Jaysaber · 6

@Treskow You're correct. In the rules it says: "Weaknesses with a player cardtype are controlled by their bearer". He's an asset, so it counts as under your control.

Sep 15, 2022 An_Undecayed_Whately · 267

This would make for a very fun run through The Circle Undone, which I recall had some scenarios with doom-generating enemies...

If you wanted to include a little more clue-finding, what card(s) would you swap?

Sep 16, 2022 Treskow · 164

@An_Undecayed_Whately: Good question, you could add Drawn to the Flame as it does work with De Vermis Mysteriis and costs no resources to play. It cannot be found by Arcane Initiate though.

Another route would be to add Divination (1) or Divination (4). I think with a cost of 3 resources it should not mess with the economy too much.

You could remove Blood Eclipse (1) and/or Ethereal Form for those cards.

If you are taking the deck to a Circle War, good luck!