Soutien. Corps

Objet. Vêtement.

Cost: 2. XP: 2.
Test Icons:
Health: 2. Sanity: –.

Quand vous jouez une carte Sort, inclinez la Robe de la Nuit Éternelle : réduisez de 1 le coût de cette carte et la jouer ne provoque pas d'attaques d'opportunité.

Sombre est l'abîme au dehors. Lumineux est l'abîme au dedans.
Greg Bobrowski
Jacqueline Fine #22.
Robe de la Nuit Éternelle

In addition to the considerations of the level 0 Robes, which I've written a review for, for 2 XP you get the following:

  • Cost is reduced by 1
  • A icon for your trouble
  • "Playing that card does not provoke attacks of opportunity."

That last one is the big ticket item. We've all been in this situation: you didn't get Shrivelling in your opening hand, your apprentice is truant, and then you finally draw it during Upkeep, just for an enemy to spawn on you in the next phase. In the past, you used to dread these situations, especially if that enemy had some other nasty Forced effect if it hits you. Now you just laugh.

Sadly, these robes have the disadvantage of being in the Mystic card pool, which tends to be the most competitive in terms of upgrades. Of course, you can always Delve Too Deep or do a little Arcane Research.

EDIT: The cost reduction is actually also really nice and worth emphasizing. You're not just saving 1 resource on this upgrade--you're lowering the buy-in for a card that saves 1 on the first spell you play per round. That's a lot of savings.

Im a huge fan of this card. It’s great for the soak and the economy in a way that could easily replace something like Uncage the Soul. Sefina and other off class Mystics are interested. — StyxTBeuford · 12711
Does anyone know how this combo's with Uncage the Soul? Firstly, do I get 4 discount? And secondly, if I am engaged with an enemy I presume I will take an attack of opportunity as I am playing an event, not a spell? — AnyoneForSnakeStew · 1
@AnyoneForSnakeStew Yes to both. — MiskatonicFrosh · 137

Regarding the "not provoke attacks of opportunity" part everyone thinks about getting your Shrivelling or Mists assets out, if you're in trouble or run out of charges.

But I noticed that Soothing Melody is a great life saver spell if you're engaged with a nasty enemy, too. Although you don't get a resource reduction, you could heal important allies like Beat Cop (2) or Grete Wagner up before facing the threat or give your health/sanity some space of if you're afraid of Retaliate/Alert or a bad symbol token in the chaos bag, before you're going to make the skill test. Also you draw a card, which you may commit. Using Clarity of Mind or Healing Words instead would provoke attacks of opportunity.

Rite of Equilibrium is another example why the Robes of Endless Night are good with spell events, too.

Miroque · 16

It looks like the Robes of Endless Night are a wonderful tool to help Luke Robinson play Read the Signs from his Dream-Gate and select a location with enemies without any risk.

Of course if you specialize Luke, you can give him Dayana Esperence to do it 3 times. Or even more thanks to Enraptured, Astounding Revelation, Truth from Fiction, ...

AlexP · 199
P.S: if someone can explain to me why the formating works in the preview but not on the final review, I'm interested ! — AlexP · 199