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Se déplacer. Déplacez vous vers n'importe quel lieu révélé et révélez un pion Chaos pris au hasard dans la réserve du Chaos. Si un symbole , , , ou est révélé, vous devez défausser un soutien Objet ou Allié que vous contrôlez (si vous ne pouvez pas, subissez 1 dégât).

Les voyages par-delà les dimensions n'étaient pas sans risque, il le savait. Mais qui pourrait resister à l'idée de franchir les frontières de l'espace et du temps ?
Adam Schumpert
La Route de Carcosa #34.
Voyage Astral


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Robes of Endless Night has a triggered ability that makes it so playing a Spell card does not provoke an attack of opportunity. If I used this ability in reaction to playing Astral Travel, which has a bold "Move" keyword, would I provoke an attack of opportunity? That is, does the ability on Robes merely prevent attacks of opportunity from taking a Play action to play Spell cards while not preventing attacks of opportunity from the card's effects, or does it cover the entire playing of the card, so to speak? A: To answer your question(s):

    • Exhausting Robes of Endless Night (2) when you play Astral Travel would not result in an Attack of Opportunity.
    • Also noting that the “play” action taken by playing Astral Travel would only result in one AoO; a second one for Astral Travel’s Move would not occur. MJ described this as “a play action that was also a move action.”
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I'm not convinced about this card. I don't feel like Move actions are the most difficult actions to take in this game. I understand very well the "action compression" it provides, for example if you need two Move actions to get to where you wanna go. But here's the catch:

  • You have to pay 3 resources for an otherwise free (at least in terms of resources) action. Considering you can use 1 of your action to get 1 resource, it would require to move 4 locations away to get value out the card
  • It does not prevent enemies from making attack of opportunities, so you can't use it as an emergency card
  • If you reveal the wrong token, you lose an asset That's too much of wrong sides for my taste :) It's too bad, as the exact same Spell in Arkham Horror the Board Game was probably one of my favorite.

Very situational at least, and until investigators have a way to switch easily cards like Adaptable, it will probably not see much play.

banania · 401
Neither am I. — XehutL · 47
.. I mean why this, if we have cards like #Elusive ? — XehutL · 47
It's a decent one of card in my opinion. There should be a situation in each game played where this would save a couple actions mid to late game and make the scenario easier for a good amount of investigators, but it's not amazing or anything. It might even get an upgrade later that let's it happen to a non-revealed location or something which would be enticing. — Bronze · 183
Note you can Uncage the Soul to play this for free. — clydeiii · 39
Moving does suck sometimes when you have to pass a test to get in or out of a location, but since this action is an explicit Move action, it won't even help you with that. Seems like a pretty weak card. — donkler · 1
I had a situation in The Pallid Mask where a location connecting the two key locations was divided by a location requiring an agility test (and I drew an encounter that made that spot dangerous if you stayed there till the end of the turn.) Astral Travel saved our mystic from needing to pass by it. — Lemmingrad · 21
I don't think that the action per resource ratio matters here since investigators rarely spend actions for resources (plus, you get a free one every turn). Like Bronze said, it's a good 1-of card that can really help you get where you need to go when you need to get there. — dr00 · 12
This card functions REALLY well in Carnevale of Horrors, where time is at a premium and locations can be difficult to get through quickly. Have your Mystic grab an innocent bystander, and (poof), they're saved! — Sarkazein13 · 1
Well, maybe my review was a bit too quick on this card. These days, I tend to include 1 copy of this card in every Mystic deck I built, because there are scenarios with lots of revealed locations, and sometimes you just want to be able to go back to that "resign" location. Situational, but can be a game saver. — banania · 401
doesnt look very impressive but this card won me several games now on father mateo in my dunwich campaign. — lyii · 1
I feel like this card should be an asset, like arcane slot, (3 charges), ->Move. Move to any revealed location and reveal a token etc. — LeFricC'estChic · 86
This card can be interesting for the end of a scenario where you have to go back to the exit, obviously very situational, but it can successfully solve that kind of scenario. — Manlufo · 1

It might not be worth the slots in your deck, but I wonder if this is Luke Robinson's get-out-of-pointless-reality card. You can ignore the 6 shroud investigate OR horror penalty and just use this action to move away.

Giffdev · 84
True, the pendant of the queen also does the job though its a lot harder to assemble than just finding an astral travel — NarkasisBroon · 10
That's one way, but considering you'd move to any revealed location at the end of the phase anyway, it's probably easier to just cancel or tank the 2 horror. Mr Rook can eat it for you while also fetching the weakness, Deny Existence is amazing, and Rosary/St Hubert's Key are probably already being run. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
At 3 ressources this is very expensive and has about 1/3 chance to discard an important item or ally. — Django · 4975
Also, you would never want to Astral Travel out of Pointless Reality without a throwaway Item already in play. You really don't want to draw a spooky token while resolving Astral Travel and be forced to discard your Gate Box. — ClownShoes · 135