Soutien. Corps

Objet. Vêtement.

Cost: 2. XP: 1.
Test Icons:
Health: 1. Sanity: 1.

Quand vous gagnez 1 ou plusieurs ressources lors de votre tour grâce à l'effet d'une autre carte Joueur, inclinez le Manteau Élégant : gagnez 1 ressource supplémentaire.

« Adoptez le code vestimentaire à l'emploi désiré, dites-vous. Et si le boulot que je veux, c'est le vôtre ? »
Robert Laskey
Les Clefs Écarlates – Extension Investigateurs #71.
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FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Does Stylish Coat trigger with Lone Wolf? Specifically, is 'when your turn begins' still during your turn? A: Yes, Stylish Coat can be triggered by Lone Wolf. “When your turn begins” still counts as occurring “during your turn.”
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General review

Probably not necessary if you're NOT playing a big money deck. It occupies a Body slot, cost 1 xp + 2 resources + 1 card + 1 action, exhaust and doesn't soak much. So it's pretty bad most of the time.

Though, if you have a lot of "gain X resources" so you can play at least one per turn it will generate value in a big money deck (why would you take that many resources-cards otherwise ?).


Let alone the 1xp cost, you would need to generate at least :

  • 2 resources ==> 2 resources.
  • 1 card + 1 action ==> let's say 3-4 resources.

As it exhausts, you need AT LEAST 5 turns and 5 "resources effects" to start getting value. I you have to play a resource card every round, it's still pretty bad. But, some effects gives you money without having to play a card :

Money Cards (Rogue)

Of course you could search by yourself for "gain X resources" but here is a condensed summary ;)

Without spending an action

By spending an action

Money Cards (Other Classes)

Without spending an action

By spending an action

captainfire · 115
Good note on High Roller! — MrGoldbee · 1337
But a bad note for mentioning Jack Monterey who are only allowed to take unleveled Rouge cards (except you have someone who sell it to you or you have a good teamwork) — Tharzax · 1
Preston strikes me as the main beneficiary. I'm sure some will argue that Jenny should be able tomacticate it when she draws her extra resource but I imagine many will baulk at that. — Maseiken · 1
Jenny definitely no. The upkeep phase is not during her turn. My first impression was "yes" for Preston, but I'm not sure, if "placing resources" on "Family Inheritance" counts as "gaining resources". This shold be clarified, before I would play it like that. — Susumu · 302
Placing resources on Family Inheritance via its Forced effect is not gaining resources, but resources that are placed on Family Inheritance instead of in Preston's resource pool due to Preston's static ability are still gained. Note that the additional resource from Stylish Coat also goes on Family Inheritance -- this is still pretty good with Lone Wolf for the same reason Lone Wolf is good for Preston despite his drawback in the first place. — Thatwasademo · 47
@Tharzax : Oops ! I got too excited for this :p Didn't mention Preston though as I don't think he really needs it. It's still hard to bank (1 action) and he doesn't play that many "gain resources" cards as he already makes so much money by existing :) Lone wolf is still great though as Thatwasademo mentionned ! — captainfire · 115
"You handle this one!" would not generally work with Stylish Coat (outside of rare circumstances), as the Mythos phase (where the vast majority of encounter cards are drawn, especially the ones worth using "You handle this one!" on) is not your turn. — anaphysik · 86
This is a really detailed review but I think all you really need to say is "Only take Stylish Coat with cards that let it activate passively like lone wolf, high roller, & Gregory Gry" — david6680 · 44
Bounty Contracts! — MrGoldbee · 1337

Not a review, but a question: Does this card work with player effects like Lone Wolf? Seems like it has immense potential. Would love to include it in big money decks. Has anyone found a lot of success with it?

Malgox · 20
yes, it should work with Lone Wolf. There are many places to ask questions about this game. Better places to ask questions about this game are the Arkham Horror LCG subreddit: or the Mythos Busters discord: — PowLee · 13
Or, if you are not on reddit or discord, the Rules forum on BGG for "Arkham Horror LCG" is also quite active. Just be sure to ask in the forum for the original core set. "Revised Core Set" forum or that of any of the expansions are dead as a dodo. Note, that signature cards are also player cards for card effects. So this would also work with Preston daddy's money. — Susumu · 302
There's a very detailed discussion about it here, that i don't really understand: — dotPeddy · 1
Then, you can get offical answer from FFG the rule question. It's quite a long time to reply, but I think it's a good place you have some arguable problem and want to solve. — elkeinkrad · 428

This card has been translated into my language in a way that indicates that another player must use the gain resource effect. Is there any official rule or explanation that effect should be read "another player card effect" and not "another player card effect"?

Zepps · 22
In English, the latter would be 'another *player's* card effect', so since it isn't that we can assume it's the former. — SSW · 196
In German it says if an effect from an other card, which is not an scenario card, gives you ressources you can activate the reaction. — Tharzax · 1
It's actually not that in German. It just builds a compound noun of "playercardeffect", which is quite common in German. So yes, this is also an indication, that these are linked together, but not the another. But, like mentioned by SSW, the English original text indicates as well, that it's not another player, and that is the canonic text to reference in case of a doubt with a translation. From FAQ: "Unless errata for a card appears below, the original English product printing of that card and all of its information is considered accurate, and overrides all other printings. This includes translated cards, promotional or organized play cards, and printings which may appear in alternate products." — Susumu · 302
Besides, an annoying new translation mistake, of where the English original would override the German version, would be "Word of Command" and "Power Word", which are both called "Machtwort" in German. So by the rule, you should only be able to add two copies by name to your deck. But the English version overrules that. — Susumu · 302