Patrice Just Trying to Live Her Best Life 19 XP

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Patrice is All About Spontaneity

Patrice was designed with a different play style from all the other investigators. She keeps no cards between turns, then draws 5 card instead of 1. So you trade away long-term planning (and a bit of combo-building) and in return get powerful card draw. As a person who likes planning and combos I had stayed away from Patrice. But just recently I played through the Marvel Champions LCG and became more accustomed to playing your whole hand each turn.

Compared to other investigators Patrice seems like she does things on the spur of the moment. She won't construct elaborate plans, she is all about doing the best with the cards she's dealt. But some Survivor cards can "tutor" from the discard pile to help cobble together a combo.

This 19 XP deck aims to be a generalist with a versatile capacity to find clues, fight, and prevent some of the worst encounters. It leans into skill cards and fast actions (almost half!). For the 0 XP build swap in the Side Deck list for the XP cards.

Synthesizing the play style and the cards themselves, Patrice feels like an impulsive Gen Z gal born 100 years too early. She's stuck in an oppressive era and chased by a voyeuristic creep. All Patrice wants in life are good vibes, her himbo BF, a loving pet companion, a cute outfit, and a little bling. Is that too much to ask?

This deck should do great in any scenario, but see details (with mild spoilers) below about why this would be particularly great for the Circle Undone campaign.

Life as a Starving Young Musician

Early on look to use Read the Signs, Perception, or Sharp Vision to opportunistically grab early clues while you play out assets.

As assets make it on the table, the remaining deck will have a higher concentration of cards that do cool combos... it just requires some improvisation and a little luck!

And having those assets out really helps. Sixth Sense lets you use your (boosted) to investigate, sometimes using the clues and/or shroud of an adjacent location. And once he's on the table the ghost doggo gets a free investigate (or fight) action each turn!

You Never Know What Kind of Creep Shows Up at a Concert

One way to cope with the Watcher is to knock it out of your hand with a big evade or attack, especially if drawn early. But if it shows up late consider flunking an attack to put it engaged with you just before cycling your deck. If you can find a way to cycle your deck before it's killed then your nemesis will likely never be seen again.

Please Don't Summon Tindalos Hounds From a Breeder, Adopt Instead!

  • The Hound is a fun ally who grants a powerful investigate or fight action as a fast effect (!)
  • taking a Play action to get a hound onto the table is a mistake because it will eventually run off of his leash
  • after a Hound is in your discard pile, play of Chance Encounter (2) to adopt a loyal doggo who will never be naughty

Use Your Discard Pile as an "Extended Hand"

Blunder Woman Combos for Fun And Profit

  • combos are unlikely early. But after your deck is thinned out (via playing assets) use of the recursion can make combos attainable
  • play Premonition (fast!) to know in advance whether you'll fail
  • if a symbol was drawn AND you would succeed at investigating, is that an opportunity for the remote ability on Sixth Sense?
  • if failure is ahead or even likely, commit Take Heart for all the free stuff!
  • play Live and Learn (fast!) to try again
  • now commit other cards that benefit from success like Resourceful, Fearless, etc

What-About-Isms: Popular Patrice Cards That Were Excluded

  • A Glimmer of Hope seems too weak and unreliable for the deck space
  • Mind's Eye hogs both arcane slots, and Patrice has so many other ways to circumvent her low stats (Sixth Sense, skill cards, Cornered, bag manipulation, etc)
  • Miss Doyle and her cats seem like a distraction, using up the valuable ally slot for something that the loyal Hound does for zero actions
  • Quantum Flux is in nearly every Patrice deck (maybe to forestall Patrice's Watcher from manifesting when the deck runs out?), but I'd rather confront it than reset the discard pile!

Other Ideas For Spending XP

Particularly Tailored for the Circle Undone Campaign [Mild Spoliers]

  • Patrice has a high , allowing her to weather the numerous treacheries that test that stat
  • from the start there are 6 cards (before recursion) that negate treacheries or their effects
  • Alter Fate removes some of the nasty treacheries from investigator threat areas or that accumulate to a trigger point
  • Fine Clothes helps with the Parley tests common in over half of the scenarios
  • a toolbox of fight options that will help her survive the scenarios when the investigators start in disparate locations
  • Read the Signs finds extra clues and has a side-effect of ignoring the haunted effects
  • Sixth Sense lets Patrice use her high to investigate, and also the remote-clue side-effect can sometimes avoid haunted locations (especially if you just used Premonition to know what token is coming next)
  • Ethereal Slip can pull away enemies who are "guarding" clues and save the move actions to get there
  • Sword Cane has the Relic trait, so it can prevent this jerk or this other jerk from re-spawning
  • early XP swaps in a 3-health doggo ally, who is less vulnerable to this treachery than 1-health Peter

Sep 22, 2022 captainsqually · 395

Very tight, nice work