Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Rapide. À jouer lors de n'importe quelle fenêtre de joueur .

Mettez en jeu Prémonition, révélez un pion Chaos pris au hasard dans la réserve du Chaos et scellez-le sur Prémonition.

Forcé - Quand un pion Chaos devrait être révélé de la réserve du Chaos : résolvez le pion Chaos scellé ici comme s'il venait d'être révélé de la réserve du Chaos à la place. Ensuite défaussez Prémonition.

David Gaillet
Le Coeur des Anciens #199.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Clarification: If an investigator is instructed to “resolve” multiple revealed chaos tokens, any game or card effects which refer to “the revealed chaos token” in the singular should be construed to apply to each of the revealed chaos tokens. For example, when applying chaos symbol effects during Step 4 of a skill test or applying modifiers to an investigator’s skill value during Step 5 of a skill test, the effects and modifiers of all of the resolved chaos tokens should be applied, even though the rules state “the revealed chaos token.” Similarly, any card effects that refer to “the revealed chaos token” refer to all of the resolved tokens. For example: An investigator plays Premonition , which reads: “Put Premonition into play, reveal a random chaos token from the chaos bag, and seal it on Premonition.” That investigator then uses Olive McBride to “reveal 3 chaos tokens instead of 1, choose 2 of those tokens to resolve, and ignore the other.” In this case, both of the resolved tokens would be sealed on Premonition, even though Premonition only refers to the revealed token as a singular token. Likewise, when Premonition instructs that investigator to “Resolve the token sealed here as if it were just revealed from the chaos bag,” the investigator should resolve both of the tokens sealed on it. Additionally, when resolving multiple chaos tokens, any game or card effects which trigger if a certain chaos token is revealed—such as the text “If the named chaos token is revealed during this skill test…” on Recall the Future—will trigger if any of the resolved chaos tokens meet the specified conditions. Such an effect will not trigger twice if two of the designated tokens are resolved. Note that this entry only applies when multiple chaos tokens are “resolved.” If multiple chaos tokens are revealed and all but 1 of them are canceled or ignored, this entry does not apply. - FAQ, v.1.4, September 2018
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Premonition reveals the next token you're about to draw from the bag. This lets you custom-rig all your modifiers and actions around it.

Got a big action coming up? Play Premonition and-----

-Revealed a 0? Rather then committing everything you have to ensure success enjoy the free success an save your stuff for the next test. This is actually one of the best-case scenarios for Premonition because it will now have netted you a lot of saved resources.

-Revealed an easy to achieve number like -1, -2? Same as above exept a little more costly. You might as well have played an Unexpected Courage rather then Premonition to succeed on this test (or the other skill card equivalents for the upcoming test). Revealing a token you could have accounted for with minimal expense is actually the worst-case scenario, having a high-base statistic to beat as many of the low numbered tokens as possible will synergize with Premonition.

-Revealed a large number like -4, -5? This is where Premonition gets good again, similarly to how Lucky! lets you bridge the gap and beat these hyper-penalties Premonition it this case lets you tailor your expenses to guarantee success.

-Revealed a special icon? In case of scenario specific icons you will now be able to bypass or defend against the token effects whilst still being able to match the numerical penalty. In some cases you might turn the token into an advantage, for example Agnes Baker attacking with Shrivelling to deal 3 points of damage.

-Revealed a token you cannot beat ( for example)? Knowing that you're about to fail you can waste the action on something trivial, get the token out of the way, and attempt the test with a fresh token.

This all will make Premonition seem really really good, but there is a point against it. Whichever use you get out of it from the above you're always spending the Premonition card and this is why it has such a polarizing "good/bad curve", if you reveal a token that still requires you to spend a little cash or a card to succeed (a -2 or -3) then you'll wind up having over-spent to cover a penalty token that you would probably have tried to cover anyway. This all in a faction that typically struggles with card draw (or has some very specific cards that it needs to see) makes it hard to find space for a luxury event like this one.

Two more points: Premonition is free, so it wont weight down an already expensive Spell heavy deck, and it has rather unimpressive icons. A lack of icons means you'll never-ever play it for the icons, playing it to see the token will be better anyway.

Edit: The more I play this the better it gets. A variety of cards synergize greatly. Say you play this early in a round before using Rite of Seeking, you can avert lost actions by doing a different test first or, ifthe token has a decent bonus, you can just draw some cards/gain cash rather then loose the action. Then there's Defiance and Recall the Future that you can deliberately target the drawn token with. If you want to go all the way then you can try tricks like Hypnotic Gaze and try to further manipulate the bag with Olive McBride and the like.

Tsuruki23 · 299
Also works with token reveals that aren't tests - for example, it could let you know if it's safe to play Recharge. — TheNameWasTaken · 2
I agree! I would add that, if the token revealed is a -4 or -5, a better alternative will often be to inentionally fail a low-impact skill test. The Premonition is "wasted," but that's sometimes going to be better than intentionally committing a lot of cards and resources. (FYI, if you put "* " at the beginning of a paragraph, you get a list bullet, which would organize your break-down better than a leading dash.) — sfarmstrong · 38
This card is markedly worse in scenarios where there are tokens that say "Reveal another token...". — Katsue · 2
Another card the has excellent synergy with Premonition is Double or Nothing. You can play this before commiting two vicious blows or quick thinking. — MaximilienQC · 1