Soutien. Main

Objet. Outil. Corps à Corps.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

: Combattre. Vous gagnez +1 et infligez +1 dégât pour cette attaque.

Défaussez l'Extincteur : Échapper à. Échappez automatiquement à tous les ennemis engagés avec vous. Vous avez le droit de bannir l'extincteur au lieu de le défausser pour défausser chaque ennemi non-Élite auquel vous échappez par cet effet.

Marcin Jakubowski
Aux Confins de la Terre – Extension Investigateurs #80.

The discard effect on this weapon is certainly interesting, with it's automatic evades and pairing nicely with Scavenger. Thing is though, that's just an extra little novelty of this deceptively good weapon.

Consistent +1 damage on attack, without any restriction, cost or drawback, is pretty rare. It's only found on 5 other weapons, those being: Holy Spear, Cyclopean Hammer, Sledgehammer, The Hungering Blade, and Timeworn Brand. All of them cost more resources to play, four of them cost more exp, and three of them take up 2 hand slots. This weapon not only gives that consistent extra damage(with a small combat boost even), but it's cheep (both resources, and exp) and keeps your other hand free. It's a bit funny, comparing a random fire extinguisher to an ancient relic sword of legend, but we are. The biggest drawback to this weapon is the lack of combative investigators with access to 3 pip Survivor cards. Daniela Reyes, with her inherit 5 combat, is the most obvious choice but it's also a great weapon for the other Survivors who like to pick fights (Yorick & Silas). If you're looking for easy access to reliable +1 damage, and your playing an investigator who can actually use this, this is a very...very solid choice.

Ironman_MK11 · 11