Inné. Développé.

XP: 1.
Test Icons:

1 max. attribué par test de compétence.

Tant que Regard Acéré est attribuée lors d'une action Enquêter basique, elle gagne et le texte: "En cas de réussite à ce test avec une différence de 2 ou plus, découvrez 1 indice supplémentaire dans ce lieu."

Andreas Zafiratos
La Face Cachée de la Lune #204.
Regard Acéré

Slap it in -nearly- any deck and you wont regret it.

A huge +3 to get 1 or 2 clues with is quite good. It can help finish a high difficulty location or speed you up through a medium/low difficulty one. It's so simple and so good.

Keep in mind that on every success, even the one's that dont net you an extra clue, the card saves you an action that is the equivalent of one successful investigate, here's why:

  • On a success by 2, earning you a bonus clue, you've basicly gotten 2 successful investigates in one action.
  • On a success by less than 2, the bonus will have been the difference between a total failure and any success in general, turning a failed investigation for 1 clue into a successful one.

Only on a complete failure is the card wasted, but what test-based card is'nt wasted when youre drawing such big negative tokens that 5+ value tests fail?

Even if you're not playing a clue dude give this thing a fair consideration in multiplayer, if there's a running around with a 4+ base then you can bring this to chuck at them, it is a non-binary way to contribute clues but an effective one nontheless.

Tsuruki23 · 946

This card looks like the good ol' Deduction but for survivors. It is a perfect card for Minh Thi Phan as she does normal investigate actions without using assets such as Fingerprint Kit. Her signature ability which gives +1 when commiting cards plus the 3 pips from this card and her basic stats (4 intellect) gives a really good 8. Also, I find this card really great for solo Silas Marsh. It can boost his poor intellect to 5 and depending the outcome of the chaos bag, he can decide if he want to commit or not this card. Also, boost this sweet 5 with a Grisly Totem and Resourceful and you will never need Newspaper again!

Sotosprotos · 16
Excellent analysis! This card makes me hope for a high INT Survivor. — mogwen · 128
I wonder if Minh actually wants to sub out something like Winging It for this. Winging It avoids the King in Yellow debacle, and does not have the succeed by 2 conditionality. Plus this card costs xp, something that might hinder Minh since she has a long list of things she wants upgrade before this. I think I would rather spend the 2 XP on a Cornered for Minh than 2 XP for 2 copies of Sharp Vision. Maybe its just me — chirubime · 47
I think this is a very good card for Minh and maybe Wendy but for lower Int investigators I don't think it matches up to the essentially testless clue gathering options that they have. They can use Flashlight or Winging It (or Lantern) to reduce shroud and combo it with LWIF or Lucky. Testless clues at 3 or 4 shrouds is really powerful. — TWWaterfalls · 361