Athletic Psychologist

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AkaanQ · 691


I know that Carolyn is more of a support investigator but I almost exclusively play solo and I didn't want to miss out on her rather intriguing abilities and deckbuilding rules. So here it is, a solo Carolyn who did pretty well at the first scenarios of The Path to Carcosa.


Simply put : investigate conventionally, generate resources with horror healing to pump fight tests and murder things.


Mulligan for assets (except Hypnotic Therapy), dump the rest. The dream hand is a weapon, Peter Sylvestre, Forbidden Knowledge and Physical Training. Should you fail to have Physical Training in the first few turns, you have Inquiring Mind, Take the Initiative, Steadfast and Unexpected Courage to pump you fight tests.

Once you have Physical Training and the Forbidden Knowledge / Peter Sylvestre resource engine, you should have no problem and all these skill cards can be committed for the most difficult investigation tests. Working a Hunch is there for the occasional very high shroud location.

Meat Cleaver is the preferred weapon since it can generate more resources by healing horror but Enchanted Blade can do a pretty good work as well. Note that St. Hubert's Key can help you get the +2 from the Meat Cleaver.

With Peter Sylvestre, the Meat Cleaver and Carolyn's hight sanity pool you should be safe so Logical Reasoning is only there to clear Rational Thought which can totally block your resource generation.


Depending on the campaign, there are many ways to go thanks to Carolyn's wide deckbuilding rules. Some upgrades to consider :


Jun 10, 2019 dogelord · 1

You cannot use Logical Reasoning to remove Rational Thought since it's not a Terror card

Jun 10, 2019 Holy Outlaw · 26

He means to heal the horror off of Rational Thought in increments of 2 at a time, I think.

Jun 10, 2019 AkaanQ · 691

Logical Reasoning to heal the horror off Rational Thought indeed. With XP, Clarity of Mind does a better job at it.