Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Utilisations (4 secrets). Si la carte Connaissance Interdite n'a pas de secrets, défaussez-la.

Inclinez Connaissance Interdite et subissez 1 horreur : déplacez 1 secret de Connaissance Interdite vers votre réserve de ressources en tant que ressource.

Drew Whitmore
Boite de Base #58.
Connaissance Interdite
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Moving secrets from Forbidden Knowledge to your resource pool does not count as 'gaining' resources, so can be used in situations where the investigator with Forbidden Knowledge may not otherwise gain resources (such as being at Trapper's Cabin or being engaged with O'Bannion's Thug).
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To pass on this gem with Carolyn Fern would just be Foolishness. This is so good on Carolyn with Peter Sylvestre in play. 2 resources every turn for 4 turns -- awesome. With Dr. Milan Christopher, this setup, Liquid Courage, and Teamwork, The Nerd Girl becomes killer support, and the bigger the group, the better. Before you know it, everyone's rolling in it. Have her hand a Dark Horsed Silas Marsh a St. Hubert's Key while you're passing out goodies, and they may as well start calling you Dr. Frankenstein, because you've just created a monster.

crymoricus · 169

Forbidden Knowledge is the definition of Risk-Reward that makes Mystic a tricky faction. 0 cost for 4 resources is great, 4 Horror is not so great. Agnes Baker can use this to her advantage by dealing damage when she receives Horror, but you are limited to once per Phase. During your investigation phase you can take a free resource, take a horror, and deal a damage. If you're in a really tight spot where you need to eliminate an enemy, you have a player window during the Mythos phase after encounter cards are drawn and immediately before enemies attack. That's a total of 3 damage dealt, 3 resources gained, but also 3 horror taken in a single round, without having to make a skill check.

This is a useful asset, but you should only use it when absolutely necessary, or you'll find yourself dropping out of scenarios from sanity loss. Unless you're with friends that can patch you up with First Aid, you're going to be saving your second copy for the Intellect icon, or replacing it with leveled up cards as a campaign progresses.

PaxCecilia · 20
Something I messed up too, this card exhausts when you use it, so it is once per round. It still works great with Agnes though. — Kamalisk · 109
Yep, scratch a large portion of the review, but it's still a very strong card out of Agnes. Actually found it to be strong in Daisy if you don't have Dr. Chris out yet for cash. — PaxCecilia · 20
Don't forget you can take the horror on an asset, which improves survivability. This pays for, say, Elder Sign with 2 resources to spare, and it can sink 4 horror. — BD Flory · 188
I think this card is better when played with Jim, as with his trumpet out he can recover without using actions, thus preserving the action less bonus of forbidden knowledge — arkham · 1