Ravitaillement. Illicite.

Cost: 0.
Test Icons:

Deck de Finn Edwards uniquement.

A jouer uniquement s'il n'y a pas d'ennemi redressé dans votre lieu.

Cherchez une carte Illicite soit dans votre pile de défausse, soit parmi les 9 cartes du dessus de votre deck et piochez-la. Si vous avez cherché dans votre deck, mélangez Produits de Contrebande dans votre deck.

JB Casacop
La Civilisation Oubliée #10.
Produits de Contrebande

This is the rare signature card that gets better the more XP is in your deck. Because it does one thing that rogues don’t do very often: go through the discard pile.

Most of the illicit things you’re going to find are guns. (It will also get you back your Tennessee sour mash, if you use hair of the dog to deal with the encounter deck.)

But for an action, you can get back that expensive 3, 4 or 5XP card you used up. Maybe it’s time to pick Lupara back up. It doesn’t go into play, it goes into your hand, so if you want to do some Sleight of Hand... Well, why not use it twice? Or even more often, if you have nine cards left in the deck and you know the good stuff is down there?

The “no ready enemies at your location“ might be a problem… If this wasn’t the card of Finn Edwards, dodger extraordinaire. He even has a signature gun! So remove the side panel and take out something that will really give those deep ones a surprise.

MrGoldbee · 512
Finn becomes so much fun with Fence and 10+ Illicit cards. Smuggled goods just adds to the fun. — TWWaterfalls · 697