Traîtrise. Faiblesse


Révélation – Si le Portail Onirique (Merveilleux Voyage) est déjà en jeu, retournez-le. Sinon, cherchez le Portail Onirique (Futile Réalité) parmi vos cartes liées et mettez-le en jeu. Dans les deux cas, désengagez-vous de chaque ennemi engagé avec vous et déplacez-vous vers le Portail Onirique.

Ethan Patrick Harris
Les Dévoreurs de Rêves #14.
Détaché de la Réalité

I've had mild salsa spicier than this weakness.

I... suppose it costs you three actions, at most? You're chilling in the Bad Place for a turn - where enemies can't get to you, mind - and spend that turn prepping for the future with card draw and resource clicking, or you could try your hand at flipping to the good side, putting that off-class to work and avoiding the measly two horror that ending your turn in the Nihilism Cube gets you.

Speaking of that two horror: trifling. You have NINE SANITY, and even if you're in the danger zone, you made sure to bring some horror mitigation with you, right? ...right?

Anyway, on to the third part - you get yote outta Mannish Baby's Stand at the end of your turn, to ANY LOCATION YOU WANT. Remember that prep that we were doing while stuck? Yeah, go to the place where they need you the most and let loose.

To sum up: this isn't a weakness, it's a free fourth charge on your sleepy passport that you have to use immediately.

supertoasty · 21
Totally agree. They could have easily made this a proper weakness, but they didn't. — Susumu · 178
"Pass a 6+ inv or lose a turn" is rough. — MrGoldbee · 1174
I will push back and say that it's basically always 2 horror whenever you see it. It's not worth investigating a 6 shroud pretty much ever with Luke, particularly one that doesn't help you advance the scenario. 2 horror on 9 sanity on top of the 2 horror from Arcane Research does add up and makes Luke effectively a 5 sanity gator. That said, between Mystic card pool and Gate Box, you don't have to worry much about mental trauma. But it is something to keep in mind for things like Ward of Protection or Shrivelling. — StyxTBeuford · 12621
I agree with Styx, but Mystics also have some pretty decent horror-soak allies, and probably the best "healing card" with "Deny Existence" (5). I didn't have any horror-issues, when I recently played him for the first time through Innsmouth. I think, the "Dream Gate" should not unflip at the end of the round. The bad side could just as well be connected to all locations as well, but you would have to pay 2 horror each time you want to leave it. This would put incentive to investigate it. — Susumu · 178

A thematic weakness but not much of a threat. Looking at the two elements, the effect and the discard condition, we get:

The effect: Luke is removed from his location and moved to the reverse side of Dream-Gate, where he can sit in isolation and think about what he's done. This can curtail 0-3 of Luke's actions, depending when you draw it, since he can still do things like draw cards, take resources, and play assets or events that target himself. It even disengages Luke from his enemies! Once in a very great while, this might stop him from supporting a fellow investigator at a crucial moment, but most times this is very mild.

The discard condition: Either investigate a 6 shroud location to get to the good Dream-Gate or wait until the end of the turn and take 2 horror. In either case, Luke then moves to any revealed location. Since Luke has 9 Sanity, this is almost like a slightly-damaging extra use of the Gate Box, and, in play, this has almost always been a welcome draw.

All in all, this is a way below average signature weakness. The only way it could be less of a weakness is if it just said "add a charge to the Gate Box."

I wouldn't underestimate the horror since you're probably taking two Arcane Research as well, but yeah I do agree it's a below average weakness. — Nenananas · 207
Hmmm. Since many spell events don't have upgrades, I'm not sure I'd always take AR in Luke. I had originally included it in the deck I just posted, and ended up cutting it for insufficient targets, and I haven't missed it. Of course, AR is weird in TIC, but.... — LivefromBenefitSt · 843