Carolyn Fern
La Psychologue



Willpower: 3. Intellect: 4. Combat: 2. Agility: 2.
Health: 6. Sanity: 9.

Après que l'un de vos effets de carte a soigné de l'horreur d'un investigateur ou d'un soutien Allié : le contrôleur de la carte soignée gagne 1 ressource.

: +1. Vous avez le droit de soigner 1 horreur d'un investigateur ou d'un soutien Allié dans votre lieu.

« L'esprit est une chose fragile. Mais en comprenant la manière dont il fonctionne, nous pouvons le protéger. »
Shane Pierce
To Fight the Black Wind #10.
Carolyn Fern

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Taille du Deck : 30

Construction du Deck : cartes Gardien () de niveaux 0 à 3, cartes neutres de niveau 0 à 5, cartes qui « soignent de l'horreur » de niveaux 0 à 5, jusqu'à 15 autres cartes Chercheur et/ou Mystique de niveaux 0 à 1 ( et/ou ).

Exigences du Deck (ne comptent pas dans la limite de taille du deck) : Thérapie par l'Hypnose, Pensée Rationnelle, 1 faiblesse de base au hasard.

Restrictions supplémentaires : pas de cartes Arme de niveaux 1 à 5.

Visiting psychologist Carolyn Fern's newest patient is Josephine Ruggles, an heiress whose nightmares leave glyph-shaped wounds across her back. Miss Ruggles's case is unusual, even for an institution like Arkham Sanatorium. Her case takes an even stranger turn after she claims to have met Malachi - Carolyn's former patient whose treatment was cut short when he was brutally murdered - in her dreams. When Carolyn uses hypnotherapy to address Josephine's trauma, they find themselves both journeying to a strange place Josephine calls "the Dreamlands."
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: How broad is "heals horror" meant to be interpreted? Cheat Death, Peter Sylvestre, are these intended to be attainable by Carolyn? Is it basically any card that uses "heals # horror"? A: Correct! If it heals horror, Carolyn can take it.

  • Q: How does the restriction on number of / cards interact with the 0-5 "heals horror"? If I take 2 Clarity of Mind, does that count towards my 15 / cards, or is it separate because it falls under my 0-5 "heals horror" cards? A: If a or card heals horror, it counts towards that deck building option, not her 15 limited / slots. In other words, her card should actually read “15 other Seeker and/or Mystic cards”. (Also, the symbol next to the word Guardian should be a symbol; we’re aware of this error.)

  • Q: Does Carolyn's ability trigger once or twice from Liquid Courage? A: Only once. The word “additional” in the second healing effect denotes that the two points of healing should be lumped together into one healing effect, not treated as two separate instances of 1 healing each. - FAQ, v.1.3, May 2018.

  • Q: If an ability refers to "your cards," is it referring to cards you control, or cards you own? For example, does the ability on Carolyn Fern only work if a card I control heals horror, or does it work if a card I own but do not control heals horror? A: In general, "your cards" are the cards you currently control. If you own a card but do not control it, it is not "yours" for the purposes of abilities. - FAQ, v.1.5, April 2019

  • Q: How does Carolyn's ability work with a heal to multiple targets? Using Soothing Melody to heal your investigator and your partner's investigator yields how many resources for each? If you heal your investigator and your own ally, how much do you get? If you heal a friend and their ally, how much do they get? Essentially, can you get multiple resources out of Carolyn's ability if there are multiple targets/controllers for a single effect? Or is it tied to the effect itself, which was only taken once? A: If you heal more than 1 horror from a single card, the controller will only get 1 resource as you are only able to trigger Carolyn’s reaction once. However, if you heal horror from several different cards, even from a single effect, you can trigger Carolyn’s reaction once for each card that was healed. So, for example, if you had a hypothetical card that healed 1 horror from each investigator at a location, you could trigger Carolyn’s reaction once for each of those investigators, granting each of them 1 resource. Q: So it looks like the key is the number of different cards healed. The owner of any card which gets healed gets (max) 1 resource per card. So to be entirely explicit about the final case - if Carolyn heals horror from herself and an ally card of hers, she gets 2 resources total, right? A: Correct!

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Rules question: Can I include 20 seeker cards in my Carolyn Fern deck if 5 of them "heal horror"?

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jeermaster · 19
My assessment from reading her card would be yes. — SGPrometheus · 514
Yes, you can. — CaiusDrewart · 2381
Quote from another deck list on arkhamdb: The deck uses 16 total Mystic/Seeker cards, but per Matthew Newman any cards that fit under the umbrella of "heals horror" do not count against this deck restriction as they are part of the "heals horror" category of cards she can include. Confusing, I know. — Django · 3498
Thanks a bundle, guys! — jeermaster · 19
For future reference questions should not be reviews. Consider using Fantasy Flight's questions form for asking these kind of things, or going to Reddit. In my experience Fantasy Flight gave me surprisingly prompt answers. — NTGuardian · 16
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