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hatfulofbomb · 746

Have you ever looked at Rita and be like "man, this seems super fun, but 3 fight is a bit low to beat most large enemies during a campaign or scenario." ?.

No? Just me? Well, ok then.

This deck is meant to leverage the action bonus of Dirty Fighting alongside the massive boosts provided by twenty-five pounds of steel vengeance to delete any enemies.

The play pattern is simple. You find an enemy that needs killing. If it's on you, you're good to go. If you need to move or engage, you still get to do massive amounts of damage, it will just take an extra turn (or an Ace in the Hole.)

Evade that enemy, using the passive boosts from Bigger Man on Campus and Track Shoes to ensure that you'll pass successfully.

Get a free ping from Rita and trigger your Dirty Fighting to attack with Hedgeslammer. Dirty Fighting will pay for one of the three actions on your Slamhedger, and you pay the other two.

All of a sudden, your 3 fist is now a healthy 10 (5 from the bonker, 2 more from Dirty Fighting. That should be good to take care of most tests. If you pull the auto-fail, feel free to Live and Learn to try again.

You've now dealt 7 damage to an exhausted enemy, and are prepared to do it again the following turn. Need to do it right this very now? Ace in the Hole gets that number up to 13 in a single round. Is that still not enough? Start this sequence off with a Sweeping Kick, or use your Hamsledger's first fight action with a committed Stunning Blow and Overpower, just to be careful.

Clues? What are those? Never heard of them, try the chess club. This is Track & Field, we perform feats of physical might here. Let your dorky friends figure out the clues, you're too busy lifting. Take your rest days and relax with Bandages and Peter Sylvestre, and then fill up your Backpack so you can attend your classes (in pain!)


Apr 17, 2023 Pr1celess · 1

Nice idea, man, nice idea! I really like it.

Apr 18, 2023 mattastrophic · 3152

Quick Thinking would be pretty useful to help ensure that Rita has three actions to activate the Sledgehammer.

Apr 18, 2023 mattastrophic · 3152

And this is a part where I forget that Quick Thinking is not actually a Trick. DANGIT

Apr 18, 2023 hatfulofbomb · 746

It would be, but unfortunately Rita can't take it without Versatile and I think that would negatively impact the deck a bit more.

It helps that dirty fighting means that your evade pays for one of the actions, I think.

Apr 19, 2023 Dummy Doctor · 1

At A Crossroads would be fantastic in this deck. In the early game, it helps you draw into the pieces you need (Dirty Fighting, Sledgehammer, etc.). In the late game, it can nab you the extra actions necessary to be more flexible with Sledgehammer (and by that time, you'll likely have dead copies of your key Assets in hand to discard away).

Unrelenting would be similarly great. Since you're attacking at such a high Fight Skill, sealing the 0s/+1s from the bag is no sweat. All gas!

Apr 19, 2023 captainsqually · 404

Slick and focused, I absolutely love it.

Apr 19, 2023 Susumu · 351

Very cool deck! As a minor exchange, I would take Emergency Cache instead of Schoffner's Catalogue, though. Schoffner's can pay for others, act as Crypt Chill-fodder, if you keep a secret, and be recured by Resourceful, but you have better targets for that. But other than that, it is just more restrictive, no money for Peter, Dirty Fighting or Sweeping Kick, and you need to have 2 in advance for the same net benefit of resources. It needs interactions like on Yorick, Scavenging or Dark Horse to shine, imho. I don't see a reason for your preference in your deck.

Apr 19, 2023 chirubime · 26238

If you run Shrine of the Moirai, you can recur Ace in the Hole a few more times for those big hammer swing turns :P

Apr 20, 2023 JesterJayJoker · 70

Do you have a 0XP deck?

Apr 20, 2023 Gnorung · 1

It's lovely to see less popular character on the frontpage. Not only that, but with a pretty novel idea/playstyle at its core. Yours seems to be the first Rita deck here with sledgehammer. The deck looks pretty elegant, simple and straightforward. Bravo!

Apr 22, 2023 drjones87 · 173

Genuinely fun boss slaying build. The problem with this build as is the problem with most sledgehammer builds, it's very susceptible to getting swarmed by low health mobs. I think it would probably shine best in 3-4 player count groups.