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Haaat · 34

A more busted version of Chirubime's already busted Daredevil Darling Wendy deck. This is the first deck I publish and I'm only doing it because I feel a taboo/errata is required here. This one deck creates 3 different infinite loops all thanks to mama's necklace.

I'll just be listing out the notable differences from Chirubime's deck as I am no good at writing actual guides:

  1. A single A Chance Encounter removes the need of drawing Yaotl (or having 2 of them in the deck) to pull off the combo. Having just Wendy's Amulet in play then milling your deck with Daredevil gives you guaranteed access to Yaotl since if it's not in your hand, then it's in your discard pile. And if A Chance Encounter isn't in your hand, then it's in your discard pile ready to be played with the amulet.

  2. Two copies of Easy Mark means you can gain infinite resources after you have completed your set up combo. When your deck has exactly 1 card in it (if it has 0 just play Cheat the System) play one Easy Mark, then play the second Easy Mark when the only card in your deck is Easy Mark. Boom. To infinity and beyond.

  3. Infinite resources coupled with Scrapper and Plucky means you have infinite stats. You can easily get Plucky into play from your discard pile by using Scrounge for Supplies on Resourceful and then passing a test with it.

  4. Leo De Luca can be played with A Chance Encounter. He repays the action needed to play him which means he is great for soaking. And the deck wants some soak for Plucky. The additional action is also very useful for closing out the scenario as you are going to have a late start due to the nature of such a combo deck.

  5. Because this deck has infinite resources, some of the combos the original deck could pull off are even more potent now. The infinite Black Market chain is great and now you have the resources to easily pay for the markets and the cards in them. With infinite resources, not only does Money Talks reach critical mass sooner but the upgraded version means you can share your infinite stats with your allies. Simply have exactly 1 card in your deck and the draw from Money Talks guarantees the recursion.

  6. The deck can function at just 3exp from In the Thick of It. It's quite a bit worse as you can't use Leo, Scrapper and Plucky. You also lose the Money Talks loop and A Chance Encounter will discard your Yaotl so you'll have to replay him with a Scrounged Resourceful. Settling for just infinite Will and Agility from Dig Deep isn't too bad as those are the stats you need for Pilfer, Backstab, A Test of Will and most treacheries. The biggest hit to the deck, however, is losing Backpack and Black Market. The longer you need to set up, the higher the chances the scenario screws with you somehow. Also, the more cards you have to go through, the more cards you have to risk losing to Abandoned and Alone.


Feb 11, 2022 karina · 1

yaaaaassss. love it.