Jenny Barnes goes BRRR (8-8-8-8 stat line)

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alexalansmith14 · 481

This deck is created by Russian Arkham Horror LCG gang (O`Bannions fear them, Sheldons avoid them).

For starters I want to clarify — this is 100% serious deck, no memes, no bullshit. Okay, maybe a little bit.

The idea of this deck is to achieve 8-8-8-8 stat line using Key of Ys, Dark Horse and Geas with the support of Short Supply and Underworld Support. Scavenging will help you to recycle Key of Ys if you manage to accidentally drop it.

Once we have that precious 8-8-8-8, we start to humiliate Mythos. You have all sorts of "succeed by" cards in this deck, including weapons, clue tools and skills — and much more!

Having 8-8-8-8 is fun, no doubt, so you would like to play with Mythos a bit more than usual, right? Leo De Luca, Ace in the Hole and Quick Thinking are at your service. Make as much actions as you want. The team can wait a bit. Aren't you spectacular?

Smash eldritch creations with Knuckleduster. You are capable of it. Slap 'em with Momentum, you Savant!

Do not forget – first of all, this is a support build, because you have "Support" in the title of the one of your cards. Provide your team with resources on demand. What curse tokens? Ahhh, well, sometimes you have to justify the means. Skill tests are not the problem anymore, when you automatically succeed.

This build is fairly all-round, you can get clues easily by drawning a little bit closer to the flame. Encounter cards are never the problem, somebody else can handle this one. Also, you're pretty elusive, so if you manage to draw an enemy, you can simply run away.

Do not forget the main purpose of being a support character — delve as deep as possible, the team will thank you for those victory points later, when they finish scenario. Why "they"? Because you're too good to handle this encounter cards, silly, shine on you crazy diamond!


Oct 18, 2021 Alnair · 1

I finally found you, super deck!

Oct 18, 2021 Valentin1331 · 2392

Why playing with Short Supply? It may force you to discard so many cards that would break your build, with no possibility to get them back without having to cycle your whole deck: Geas, Dark Horse to start, and then Scavenging, Leo De Luca too...

Oct 18, 2021 alexalansmith14 · 481

@Valentin1331 well, in that case the game plan is simple:

discard all cards you need at the start of the game spend 5 turns drawing cards to cycle your deck everybody thanks you and invites to play with them again

Oct 18, 2021 HotKey · 1

Long lost sister of 10-10-10-10 Calvin

Oct 20, 2021 Thanee · 58

Broke Jenny is sad Jenny. I would rather use The Black Fan than Dark Horse. :D

Oct 20, 2021 AndyN · 19

interesting…. I think i’d swap in meat cleaver for drawn to the flame, and maybe swap out one of the weapons for something. That way you can use meat cleaver to get the sanity damage onto your key of ys ( and potentailly off of jenny)

Oct 21, 2021 alexalansmith14 · 481

@AndyN this is fascinating! Totally a great idea.

Oct 22, 2021 mattastrophic · 2117

You know what this decklist is lacking? A Resourceful to recover the Scavenging in the case when it's lost to Short Supply. And then it obviously needs a Scrounge for Supplies to recover the Resourceful for recovering the Scavenging in the case when it's lost to Short Supply.

Oct 22, 2021 alexalansmith14 · 481

@mattastrophic ahhhh I see you're a man of culture as well ;)

Oct 24, 2021 puert · 47

I guess. Although I feel like once you decide to use the Key of Ys, you've turned on Easy Mode no matter what else you do.