Rex Murphy Good Doggo - Dogwich Legacy Ready (13/10)

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StartWithTheName · 24029

Rex is a good doggo.


I brings my hooman his Newspaper, slippers and Smoking Pipe every morning. Then I sits and waits for walky time where I can have a good sniff and Run around the park.

I only eats the hoomans homework when they need me to, and those chewed up Clothes were like that when I found them... But if you look in the garden, ive got a Bone saved up to Unearth later... That is if you can Dig as Deep as I can.

I dont like Stray Cats, they cant handle the Curiosity like I can. And I dont like The vet after that little "operation" I had. That sausage tasted funny. But hey, it was free sausage and its better than the table scraps i usually have to steal. They gives me Wind. Once im healed im going to help a blind hooman on their walkies because of my extra senses.

After that I will be Dogwich legacy ready.


Apr 02, 2019 LarryHoTeep · 17

Amazing! Creative Themed deck! Mutt as well give it a try!

Apr 02, 2019 StartWithTheName · 24029

@LarryHoTeep, That pun's just Terrierble