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Objet. Livre.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Utilisations (2 secrets).

Inclinez le Vieux Grimoire : choisissez un investigateur dans votre lieu. Cet investigateur cherche une carte parmi les 3 cartes du dessus de son deck, la pioche et mélange son deck. Ensuite, vous avez le droit de dépenser 1 secret pour que cet investigateur joue immédiatement cette carte en réduisant de 2 son coût.

Dimitri Bielak
La Demeure des Dieux #279.
Vieux Grimoire

TL:DR. Very good even if your name is'nt Daisy Walker.

3 XP for a 1 resource discount and 2 instances of a 2 resource discount + a bonus action. Obviously the card is great, but it competes with other upgrade cards (you know, the crappy cards that stay crappy until upgraded...).

Obviously a Daisy Walker will be doing this upgrade at some point, uniquely though the limited nature of the discount brings Old Book of Lore into the limelight for non-Daisy people as a straight-up useful support mechanic. That said, the reason Old Book of Lore looks so worn is because Daisy just outright refuses to stop reading it.

Cool tricks:

  • The investigator getting the free play isnt performing an action, so no attack of opportunity. You can help a friend replace an empty weapon under pressure or play a key event, especially useful is said events are dramatically useful like Cunning Distraction, Backstab or Elusive.
  • Enraptured and Truth from Fiction get great value on this thing.
  • Put into play a skill pump or persistent boost that can then be used on every action in the players's turn.

The card is good enough for any to use (especially Mandy Thompson), it just feels bad to spend those actions when you could just be playing Daisy. So. Dont feel bad?

Tsuruki23 · 2233
Since Mandy Thompson can resolve two targets from the search effect, doesn't that mean she can spend a secret play two cards at a 2 resource discount? — Vultureneck · 71
@Vultureneck I think it does. "That card" on the Old Book of Lore refers to the target of the search, which is two cards in this case. — SGPrometheus · 636
How would this upgraded version of Old Book of Lore interact with "knowledge is power"? Is that card you play discount-able without paying a secret? — 1337duck · 1
Yup. No — MrGoldbee · 1234
It says no cost! — MrGoldbee · 1234
The pre-then part of this card's ability can still be triggered if it has no secrets, right? — MagnusLothar · 1

This card is even better now that the Eldritch Sophist has been released.

Pack a Forbidden Tome and you can refill your Old Book of Lore each turn. In 5 turns, you can potentially get all the Secrets out of it to have it translated.

Now you can finally use other allies and the latest Taboo List without feeling like you've been robbed of all those resources on your turns with 3 successful investigations, and you do not only get a bargain, you also get a significant increase of tempo.

Use a Library Docent with Calling in Favors on your Forbidden Tome, replacing it with Encyclopedia (0) and you can potentially use the Old Book of Lore once a turn as you will often find cards that do not need to be played immediately such as Skill cards or Events that wouldn't apply to the situation.

Valentin1331 · 10827
Or Ariadne's twine! No ally slot taken. — MrGoldbee · 1234