Cost: 2. XP: 2.

Inclinez Bien Préparé : choisissez un soutien que vous contrôlez. Vous gagnez +X à votre valeur de compétence pour ce test, X étant le nombre d'icônes de compétence correspondantes sur le soutien choisi.

Ilich Henriquez
Par-delà les Limites #151.
Bien Preparé

If you can set yourself up with a good target then Well Prepared is great!

With some XP in hand you can combo with Physical Training to become very strong in combat and resilient to treacheries, a thing can be said for Wild icon assets even if its just the single icon (Rabbit's Foot for example, many unique investigator and story assets would be incredibly powerful as well, or just the classic ol' Elder Sign Amulet.

To make Well Prepared worth it I think you need a deck with 3+ cards to reliably trigger 2+ icons off (or a wild icon), that will often mean that you're fine off with just Physical Training and 1+ unique/wild cards.


Update: Just to reinforce this review:

This is a fantastic card when you can get the multi-token triggers, but, it suffers from set-up issues Once the pieces are out, especially once you got multiples of this thing down, you can succeed on all kinds of checks with ease. The more cards that you can benefit from and the more draw power you have the better. Also, the more varied your valid targets are the better, if you play a character to who damage and horror tends to stick (reads: Most characters)) then your targets to trigger Well Prepared with might as well be Bulletproof Vest and/or Elder Sign Amulet, both of which have icons.

Roland Banks with his Roland's .38 Special will actually find good use for Well Prepared, not just for +2 effective icons but also for the +2 icons and the icon in general.

Zoey's Cross is a terrific target, an effective +3 is crazy and then there'S the icon.

Mitch Brown, Leo Anderson's ally is single-handedly a card that makes Well Prepared worth it. A +2 to anything once per round is sure to make a difference.

Whichever of these character strengths you have, Physical Training is the perfect supplement to the build, aside from being a potential trigger for Well Prepared it also lets you bridge the gap to get maximum hit chance on important tests. Well Prepared is always ready to go during the mythos phase which means that you can tap Physical Training for +2 everytime you find yourself up against a crippling treachery.

As a capstone to this type of build I must bring up Ever Vigilant + Stick to the Plan, it shrinks the deck and makes finding everything easier and then it fuels you by granting extra resources and saving actions.

Tsuruki23 · 1275
Zoeys Cross is the bomb! So is Dr Armitage. — duke_loves_biscuits · 727
Great to see another excellent Zoey card. She can really use this well. — CaiusDrewart · 1893
I agree that you need to hit 2+ icons to make this card worthwhile, but considering that this card basically has no cost, even if you hit just 1 icon is not too bad. — matt88 · 1915
Yeah, its a good way to keep gettign value until you find the other combo part — Tsuruki23 · 1275
I suggest this can use with Last chance — AquaDrehz · 158
Last chance is a skill card, with Well prepared you target only an asset in play... — KptMarchewa · 1
This card can be versatile, but I think reliable is much better and cheaper. — Django · 2884
@Django: Yeah, unless you're running Physical Training II or the like, I'd go with Reliable in preference. But if you are, this starts looking competitive. And of course, you can stack the two. — CaiusDrewart · 1893
This is great for Leo who can use it to boost his Investigate actions. — acotgreave · 42
It's all about the Foolishness, baby. — crymoricus · 204
This is a great workup, I am running Tommy Muldoon through a campaign now and was thinking about adding this as an upgrade because of the many assets I will be playing to take advantage of his ability. I figured the variety will give some versatility while I use them to soak up damage/horror. — BroodyGambit · 8
Just watch out that not all your assets only give your Fight (Strength) Icons, otherwise you can only boost Fight checks... — Rasmus Forlorn · 1

Not a card to aim for early but it can be a very interesting skill test boost . It s even more efficient with the 4 icon talent from the night of the zealot reboot.

Too bad all permanent cards lack skill icons.

Susu · 28
This works with wild icons, correct? (Cf. Yaotl, which specifically excludes them--this doesn't have that language.) Not bad with signature assets, then, which tend to have a lot of those. Not that you can count on drawing those. — CaiusDrewart · 1893
Shotgun and Typewriter (Skids) are also a cool targets. Signature assets mentioned above are also a good choice, Zoey and Leo will like it a lot. From official FAQ: "A Wild ( ? ) skill icon on a player card may be used to match any other skill icon for the purposes of both card abilities and counting how many matching icons are committed to a skill test. When using Wild icons for the purpose of resolving a card ability, a player must state which icon the Wild is matching at the time the card is used. Wild icons committed to a skill test are considered “matching” icons for the purposes of card abilities." - so I would say: yes. Yaotl is a good example: if his ability specifically excludes wild icons then it breaks a general rule. — KptMarchewa · 1
Good insurance against treacheries with Dig Deep (2). — crymoricus · 204
The fact that this card can add the wild icons from assets is just huge. I guess I'm thinking of Zoey in particular, getting +3 combat to a Shotgun blast is killer. At that point, it really does compete with Lightning Gun or simply by targeting shotgun itself since you're literally going in with the same amount of combat but a much greater damage potential. — LaRoix · 179