Acte. Stage 2
Clues: –
Daniel is somewhere in the secured basement where the most dangerous patients are kept. Now that you have the key, you can explore this area of the asylum.

Ignore the text on the unrevealed side of Arkham Asylum locations.

Objective - Find the Patient Confinement location with Daniel Chesterfield. (You will be instructed when to advance.)

Jokubas Uogintas
Le Serment Indicible #165. Le Serment Indicible #7.
"The Really Bad Ones" (v. II)

Daniel's Warning - Back

When you enter his cell, you find Daniel huddled in a corner of the room, sobbing and rocking back and forth on the ground. "No mask, no mask…" he stammers over and over. You help him to his feet and ask him what he remembers about The King in Yellow, but he interrupts you. "Don't speak His name!" he exclaims frantically, his eyes wide with a yellow glow. "Nigel made us speak his name… He made us speak the Oath, and now He lives inside us, controlling us, don't you understand?" he rambles on.
The man approaches wearing a crazed expression, and you take a wary step backward. "We spoke His name and the price was paid! Hastur! Hastur! O King! - " Then, suddenly, he transforms before your very eyes. His bones twist and snap. His body warps grotesquely. The symbol carved into his forehead burns bright, and a yellow glow emanates from within his body. He lunges to attack you.

Spawn the set-aside Daniel Chesterfield (enemy side faceup) at Patient Confinement (Daniel's Cell).

"The Really Bad Ones" (v. II)
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