Grand-Mère Orne
Vieille Chouette Coriace

Soutien. Allié


Cost: 4.
Test Icons:
Health: 1. Sanity: 3.

Vous gagnez +1 .

Quand un investigateur dans votre lieu devrait échouer à un test de compétence, inclinez Grand-Mère Orne : cet investigateur échoue avec une différence de 1 en plus ou de 1 en moins.

Romana Kendelic
Stella Clark #8.
Grand-Mère Orne

A fairly hefty price tag for a typical survivor deck (and Stella Clark out of the box doesn't have a strong economy engine), but Orne is a solid buy, especially for Miss Clark, whose "fail and go again" strategy benefits from controlling degrees of failure. While Granny's +1 helps you pass many Treachery tests, her ability reduces the effects of Rotting Remains, Grasping Hands, and so on and lets you you pick your poison on cards like Abyssal Reach. More positively, she also helps you trigger Grimm's Fairy Tales, Oops!, Dumb Luck, and "Look what I found!", etc. She's not as useful a Horror soak as Peter Sylvestre, but 3 Sanity is nothing to sneeze at. Granny Orne might find a home in a number of Survivor decks, and her upgrade is even better.

What happens if you fail by 1? Can you choose failing by 1 less so you don't take any damage from cards like Rotting Remains? — subjectcero · 1
Yes, you can fail by 0. Interestingly, with 13th vision, since you fail on ties, you can then fail by -1. — StyxTBeuford · 12473
Failing by -1 could also happen with Granny Orne if you draw the auto-fail on a difficulty 0 test (such as a Flashlight investigation on a shroud 1 or 2 location). — Death by Chocolate · 796
It's definitely clear from the card that you fail by one less or more, so, while Basic Orne can make you fail by 0 (for Rotting Remains, say), she can't make you succeed. Her 3 XP version, on th eother hand.... — LivefromBenefitSt · 676
Failing by one more could give you the ability to play Eucatastrophe, or to dig one card deeper with Rabbit's Foot (3) — Zinjanthropus · 162
Rabbit's Foot yes, Eucatastrophe no. Level 0 Orne only changes how much you fail by, she doesn't change your actual skill value. And she triggers after the time when you could play Eucatastrophe anyway. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
That's disappointing. I assume it's the same with Granny (3) (the timing part. Granny (3) does change your skill value). Makes the -1 option very limited in it's usefulness. — Zinjanthropus · 162
Yeah, the -1 helps with Rabbit's Foot (3), Grimm's, and maybe getting a different result on something like Abyssal Reach where, situationally, a "worse" result is better. — LivefromBenefitSt · 676
If you pull auto-fail she can mitigate some of the losses. For example auto-fail rotting remains will give you only 2 horror. Interesting that her upgraded version can't do this, as auto-fail +1 is still 0. — vidinufi · 45