Soutien. Arcane


Coût: 3. XP: 5.


Utilisations (3 charges).

Dépensez 1 charge : Échapper à. Cette tentative d'évasion utilise au lieu de . Vous gagnez +3 pour cette tentative d'évasion. En cas de réussite, infligez 2 dégâts à l'ennemi auquel vous échappez. Si un pion , « +1 » ou « 0 » est révélé lors de cette tentative d'évasion, perdez 2 ressources.

Romana Kendelic
Jacqueline Fine #32.
Ineffable Vérité


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Pretty much everything that one can say for the Level-0 Version, but more so. How does it stack up to Mists of R'lyeh (4)?

  • Costs 1 more XP
  • Costs 1 more resource
  • Has 2 fewer charges
  • Doesn't give you a free move
  • Does 2 points of damage
  • Might cost an extra 2 resources if you draw an , +1, or 0

This is looking like a less attractive upgrade, especially since a bad draw with Mists (4) still only costs you 1 card. Alternatively, if you compare it to Ineffable Truth (3), you are getting a +1 and +1 damage for a cost of 2 XP and the risk of an extra resource lost on an unfortunate token pull. I suspect it will take a very specific deck to want to upgrade beyond the 3-level version of the card. I guess Meat Cleaver Agnes can use this to do 8 damage to an enemy in 1 turn, leaving it exhausted at the end, but Agnes has a lot of ways to hand out hurt.

It also doesn't compare all that well to the higher-level versions of Mists, although you probably want to look at Ruduen's comments on the "good token" vs "bad token" suite in the Azure Flame review.

Obviously, 2x Arcane Research mitigates some of the extra XP issues, but you could still be spending that XP on cards that provide a bit more punch for the cost.

TL;DR? Level-0 is fine, but, if you are going to upgrade, you might want to stop at the 3 XP version.

Sure, it has an increased penalty while Mists4 doesn’t, but Mists4 also doesn’t have an increased upside. If you are JUST taking these for the evade effect, Mists was always a more efficient option, but 1) unlike the 0 or 3, this 5 deals 2 damage, and 2) it is easy to mitigate the penalty by just having 1 or 0 resources. — Death by Chocolate · 1388
True, but how often is “Evade and do 2 damage” something you want to do? Hitting for 1 Damage is a nice setup for getting rid of a 3-health enemy, but 2 is awkwardly extravagant. It would be useful for taking down a 5- or 7-health Elite, but surely you would want more attack power in that case. — LivefromBenefitSt · 1030
we generally play with a limited card pool, which is tied to the campaign we're running (e.g. TCU = New Core set, Solo Investigator Packs, and TCU/RTCU) and aside from being a way more fun and thematic way to run the game for us (way less overpowering and going back to the same cards), it means we need to try new things. This card in TCU isn't bad, my Mystic is using it to evade the Watcher and eventually off it, as well as dealing with other Hunters in a decent way. — Krysmopompas · 353