Soutien. Arcane


Coût: 2. XP: 4.


Utilisations (5 charges).

Dépensez 1 charge : Échapper à. Cette tentative d'évasion utilise au lieu de . Vous gagnez +3 pour cette tentative d'évasion. En cas de réussite, après avoir échappé à l'ennemi choisi, vous avez le droit de vous déplacer vers un lieu connexe. Si un symbole , , , ou est révélé lors de cette tentative d'évasion, choisissez et défaussez une carte de votre main.

Justin Adams
Les Profondeurs de Yoth #271.
Brumes de R'lyeh


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I just finished reviewing the level zero version of this card (see Mists of R'lyeh), so figured I'd take a look at the all-grown-up variety. On its own, I think it's pretty great -- for two resources, you get an asset that almost guarantees you five successful evade checks, and some additional mobility to boot. But of course, the real question is not whether this card is good, but whether it is so much better than the original Mists that we'd pay 4xp to upgrade into it. And I think the answer there is no.

This card is identical to the level zero version but for two changes: you get an additional charge, and you get a hefty +3 to the evade check.

Let's take the extra charge: how often are mystics going to need to evade five times in a scenario? Rarely, I would think. So while the insurance is nice, I think I'd prefer to use my xp on other things.

How about the +3 boost? Obviously that is much appreciated. A 4 on 3 check feels very different than a 7 on 3 check. But again, I wonder if it is really worth a massive 4xp. I feel like I could keep the original Mists make do with some static will boosts and the odd pitch from the hand.

In short, this card seems a little TOO premium. I might opt for a trim that provides, say, a +2 to the will check and no extra charges for 2xp. But this one tries to sell me more than I really need.

Though if you're taking Arcane Research then it only costs 2 XP, which seems fine if you already took the level 0 version anyway. — StyxTBeuford · 12942
Yeah, and if you have two AR's (and resulting mental trauma), you may be steering clear of Shrivelling anyway, thus opening up a slot for the Pea Soup Fogs of R'lyeh. If I were playing a seekerly mystic mainly looking to stay out of harm's way, I'd feel very safe indeed with this in play. — Mordenlordgrandison · 432
For anyone who has access to both (which is just Akachi and Marie I think), I prefer Suggestion. Suggestion [1] is 3 fewer XP for a comparable skill bonus, and Suggestion [4] has that nifty attack-cancellation ability. Of course you do lose out on the free movement, and the extra buck isn't nothing. — Yenreb · 15
I would be rather surprised, if we don't see "Mists of R'lyeh (2)" in "Return to Forgotten Age". "Rite of Seeking (2)" was also in the corresponding Return box. — Susumu · 347
I was right. There is now a picture of all the cards here: However, turned out, that even the 2 XP version has the extra charge and instead a less great +1 boost. Still, the option to "free upgrade" it over 4 scenarios might be worth it, after you upgraded your other priority spells faster. — Susumu · 347