Soutien. Main x2

Objet. Arme.

Cost: 2. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Vous gagnez +2 tant que vous combattez.

Après que vous avez vaincu un ennemi, inclinez les Gants de Boxe : cherchez un événement Esprit parmi les 9 cartes du dessus de votre deck et ajoutez-le à votre main. Mélangez votre deck.

Robert Laskey
Nathaniel Cho #27.
Gants de Boxe

If you are going with Boxing Gloves, you might as well go all the way. With an extra + and an extra 3-card dig for your next Spirit, who wouldn't like this? To be fair, anyone with a burning need for a hand slot, but you knew that when you started down the boxing path.

It's sad that "Ashcan" and Calvin can't take them, but then, Nathaniel doesn't complain that he can't buy a Chainsaw, does he?

Here's a wild thought, how about these packed into a lvl 2 bandolier? There is a +2 fight and a +1 heed for 4/5. Costly, but yum. — Gentleman Robot · 1