Soutien. Arcane


Coût: 2. XP: 2.


Utilisations (5 charges).

Dépensez 1 charge : Échapper à. Cette tentative d'évasion utilise au lieu de . Vous gagnez +1 pour cette tentative d'évasion. En cas de réussite, après avoir échappé à l'ennemi choisi, vous avez le droit de vous déplacer vers un lieu connexe. Si un symbole , , , ou est révélé lors de cette tentative d'évasion, choisissez et défaussez une carte de votre main.

Justin Adams
Renouveau – La Civilisation Oubliée #7.
Brumes de R'lyeh


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What a lovely Goldilocks version of this evasion classic! I take the Level 0 version of this card in most of my mystic decks, but I'm rarely willing to shell out 4xp to upgrade it, even though the Level 4 of this card is bonkers good with its +3 to .

But I think I'd pony up for the grande Mists more often than not. That +1 puts most investigators at a comfortable 5 or 6 on the check, and five charges is just as good as the venti version. For me, this card falls right in the sweet spot between the other two. And, as an additional advantage, it can be taken by off-class mystics like Daisy Walker and Sister Mary. Those investigators sometimes have 's too low for the base Mists to be a good idea, but this mini-upgrade could change that calculation. For example, I could see this in a Daisy deck, especially one with a static boost somewhere in the form of Whitton Greene or Holy Rosary.

It also works well with Arcane Research since they are L0 L2 and L4 — Zinjanthropus · 225