Coût: 0. XP: 3.


Vous avez le droit de défausser un soutien Sort ou Rituel que vous contrôlez. Jouez une carte Sort ou Rituel de votre main ou de votre pile de défausse, en réduisant de 3 son coût en ressources.

Le pouvoir s'empara d'elle, la fit frémir et trembler.
Son énergie ne fit qu'un avec elle, et ensuite,
elle ouvrit les yeux…
Antonio José Manzanedo
Les Clefs Écarlates – Extension Investigateurs #95.
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Extremely powerful card. For 3xp your Uncage the Soul gains the option to become

  • Recharge for spell and ritual assets in play
  • A Chance Encounter for spell and ritual assets already in your discard pile
  • Eidetic Memory for spell and ritual events in your discard (that also doesn't remove from game)

And retains the 3 resource discount on top of each of these modes!

Combine with a Double, Double and Farsight (which are also both rituals) to play two fast Storm of Spirits from your discard pile for free.

Also one of the commit symbols turns into a , but if you end up committing this card to a test you are very disappointed in the value lost.

mordequess · 27
I agree about this being a Recharge for Spell and Ritual assets. And it would be cool to combine Uncage the Soul (3) with Double, Double or Farsight, but those are level 4 cards that aren't Mystic so I don't think there are any investigators that can take both this and those. — waltercardcollector · 9
EDIT: And a risk-free Recharge at that. It can't overcharge your assets like Recharge can, but you always get to refill it back up to its starting uses, which is usually 3 or more anyway. — waltercardcollector · 9
There is Suzi that can do it. — Crazly · 156