Acte. Stage 1
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"We all hed to take the Oath o' Dagon, an' later on they was secon' an' third Oaths that some of us took." - H. P. Lovecraft, The Shadow over Innsmouth

Each Suspect enemy gets +1 health, loses aloof, and cannot be parleyed with.

Spend the blue, red, white, or yellow key: Discard each Obstacle card attached to your location.

Objective - If each surviving investigator is at Grand Entryway and the investigators have "unlocked the entrance to the caves," advance.

Romana Kendelic
La Tanière de Dagon #280. La Tanière de Dagon #6.
The First Oath

Secrecy - Back

Each of the Order's chambers are devoted to an aspect of their grand scheme - the secret that lies at the foundation of the Order, the poison that dwells in the roots of Innsmouth - but whatever that secret is, it is just beyond your grasp. At least, until the moment you discover the truth behind the building itself: It is nothing but a cover for the Order's true headquarters. As you unlock the pathway that leads into the cavernous depths beneath the building, you wonder what secrets could possibly dwell below...

If a Suspect enemy is in play, remove it from the game.

Remove each location other than Grand Entryway from the game (or add them to the victory display if they have Victory X and no clues on them), discarding each card at those locations.

Shuffle the set-aside Tidal Tunnel locations and put each of them into play.

Increase the flood level of each location.

Shuffle each set-aside Syzygy and Tidal Alignment card into the encounter deck, along with the encounter discard pile.

The First Oath

Thomas Dawson is really really strong. Like REALLY strong. So strong in fact, that he is able to go forward in time by 60 years and get his hands on a Glock 9mm. Isn't this supposed to be set in the 20's? How did nobody at FFG notice this?

snacc · 742
I think they've overlooked it due to rule of cool; the Glock is a handsome gun. Diegetically though, there's plenty of ways it could have gotten to the past; the real trick is finding rounds that fit the chamber. — SGPrometheus · 636
He invented it — MrGoldbee · 1234
yea, he should have been holding a lightning gun for real historical accuracy. — Zerogrim · 241
It feels kinda weird to me that that the Colt 1911 has been for sale like 10-15 years already in this setting, while the Glock is 60 years away into the future. They look equally modern to a total weapon-noob such as myself. — olahren · 1933