Intrigue. Stage 3
Doom: 6. Clues: –
The building rumbles to its foundations. Something sinister is happening deep below the halls of the Order of Dagon. If you don't stop it, who knows what may be unleashed?

Forced - When your turn begins, if you are at a fully flooded location, you struggle for air: When your turn ends, if you did not enter an unflooded or partially flooded location during your turn, take 5 direct damage.

Nele Diel
La Tanière de Dagon #279. La Tanière de Dagon #6.
The Ritual Advances

An Awakening - Back

Suddenly, a tremendous sound thunders through the building, like a furious explosion and the resonance of a booming voice all at once. At first you think the building must be collapsing. You take cover and lift your arms above your head to shield yourself from falling rubble, but no debris strikes you. Instead, it is an echoing roar that brings you to your knees and forces the air out of your lungs. Your eardrums threaten to shatter as the sound grows louder and louder. Darkness creeps into your vision until it swallows your memories whole.

Each investigator who has not resigned is defeated and suffers 1 mental trauma.

In your Campaign Log, record Dagon has awakened.


The Ritual Advances

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