Acte. Stage 2
Clues: –
You descend into the caverns beneath the Order of Dagon's headquarters, unaware of the horrific fate that awaits you in the depths.

Each Suspect enemy gets +1 health, loses aloof, and cannot be parleyed with.

Spend the blue, red, white, or yellow key: Discard each Obstacle card attached to your location.

Objective - If an investigator has "unlocked the final depths," advance.

Romana Kendelic
La Tanière de Dagon #281. La Tanière de Dagon #8.
The Second Oath

Loyalty - Back

The more you explore the caverns, the more alien and inhuman the architecture becomes. Soon, it feels like you have crossed the threshold of another world entirely. It is reminiscent of the ruins you saw beneath Devil Reef, but those depths are miles from here... right? Or is this network of caves so vast, it spans the entirety of Innsmouth?
Soon you come upon a grand set of doors in the center of the web of gilded corridors. Many other paths stem from this hall, but it is this door - and the strange, heavy breathing that thrums throughout the walls and the floor - that calls to you...

Put the set-aside Lair of Dagon location into play, fully flooded.

Put the set-aside Dagon enemy into play at Lair of Dagon, (Deep in Slumber) side faceup.

Check the current agenda.

- If it is agenda 1a, add 10 tokens to the chaos bag.

- If it is agenda 2a, add 5 tokens to the chaos bag.

The Second Oath

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