Grimoire Cryptique
Message du Vieux Héraut

Soutien. Main

Objet. Livre. Maudit.

Cost: 3. XP: 4.
Test Icons:

Vous ne pouvez inclure ce soutien dans votre deck qu'en améliorant la carte Grimoire Cryptique (Non-traduits), et uniquement si vous avez indiqué dans votre Carnet de Campagne que « vous avez traduit le

grimoire ».

Après que vous avez résolu au moins 1 pion lors d'un test : placez un nombre équivalent de secrets sur le Grimoire Cryptique.

Quand vous jouez un événement Perspicacité lors de votre tour, dépensez 2 secrets : cet événement gagne Rapide. Réduisez de 1 son coût.

Alexandr Elichev
Horreur à Toute Vitesse #191.
Grimoire Cryptique

What were they thinking.

It needs to proc once to break even in actions, and 3 times to break even in resources in the ideal operating environment. That's placing and subsequently pulling at least 6 curses (and not cancelling them) AFTER the tome has been played, each of which on a subset of Insight events. All that to break even INSIDE a scenario... not counting the prerequisite quest or the 8xp playset. And it has to compete in the hand slot.


This is a totally viable card in a curse build, really not sure what your issue with it is. The other one, sure, pretty bad. This one's solid, though. — SSW · 145
I don't think the effect is bad per-say either. The main issue with this card is that the curse package is far more about 'playing tiny curse cards for huge benefits' than 'actively seek out curses. — dezzmont · 64
This is a good thing by the way: Curses should be far more about the benefits of the cards that generate curses, because a deck that wants to flood the bag with curses proactively for its own sake is almost 'meta-parastic.' Not only is it a strategy that only works with a very specific pool of cards, but it forces every other player at the table into that strategy. So it is sorta good that the seeker curse packages faceplanted hard. But if a 'care about curse' strategy ever takes off for real, this would be a good card in it, despite the fact a lot of insights already are fast. This is, in theory, limitless free actions and your friends can potentially proc it VERY fast. — dezzmont · 64
I have to agree with MrButtermancer here (is there a Ms. Buttermancer?). You're spending a card, a hand slot, a play action, 3 resources and 4 Xp on something that will maybe, on a good day (read: bad day) save you , I dunno, 5 play actions and 5 resources? It's not a great trade. — olahren · 1423
A good question to ask is 'How many times does this need to trigger for me to be happy with it?' 5 actually sounds quite nice, that is effectively 10 whole actions (if we evaluate the non-action benefits of making an action fast as offsetting the fact a resource isn't quite worth an action). Action compression especially is fairly useful in Seeker, so being able to use this to clear out a location even earlier with a fast play of one of the 'Investigate with a benefit' insights. But 5 triggers is a huge ask, it requires you to have 5 relevant insights that will meaningfully help you in hand when you need them, and 5 seperate curse draws after this is in play, which is extremely difficult to do in a timely manner. In that specific instance, your likely looking to not so much flood the bag as keep a steady stream: at 4-5 tokens you will expect a curse 1 in 4 draws, meaning you will get maybe a charge per turn if you can keep that level of curseness up. But that also means your failing around 40% more tests than you 'should,' or need to pass tests by 2 more to get the same expected result (because curse math is weird and trying to just pass by the expected average value of the curse doesn't actually help offset the curse that much). That means your looking at 10% of your tests failing specifically of those 4 curses, which means whatever you do with those insights better be worth it! — dezzmont · 64
Said math is on standard. Curses are more predictable (But affect more tokens) on easy, and get more volatile on harder modes (Because the wider distribution of results means the curse is a difference maker on fewer results, and partially offsetting the curse does more), and assuming one curse pull (The odds of getting two on a 15 token bag with 4 curses is like some odd 3%, so like around 1in 30 pulls). — dezzmont · 64
Every time I try to build around this, I ended up taking Farsight instead. — suika · 8154