As d'Épée
Qu'il Guide votre Flèche

Soutien. Tarot


Coût: 3. XP: 1.


Vous gagnez +1 .

Quand la partie débute, si l'As d'Épée est dans votre main de départ : mettez-le en jeu.

Touche le cœur du sujet.
Chris Peuler
Le Cercle Brisé #23.
As d'Épée


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This is generally one of the better tarots.

Beat Cop costing 4 resources means that 3 for +1 is perfectly feasible, if the tarot is worth the expense even if you didn't get it for free, that's a good tarot.

A flex build might straight up upgrade beat cop to Ace of Swords and leave the ally slot for something else (Mr. "Rook", Dr. Milan Christopher, Art Student, Jessica Hyde, Alice Luxley, Leo De Luca, Agency Backup, all these come to mind). Meanwhile a full-on fighter might decide to have both Beat Cop and Ace of Swords for a persistent +2, which is obviously very strong but costly dedication to nothing but combat for the rest of the scenario.

Do get 2 copies, even if the second copy is dud the chance at getting it in the opening hand is worth 2 xp.

Tsuruki23 · 2483

I like most of the new tarot cards (Ace of Rods being the only exception). Advantages:

  • Provides +1 , which is necessary to deal with enemies that prevent clue gatherers from winning the game
  • Free to play if in opening hand (mulligan increases your chance of drawing it)
  • Does not conflict with existing assets with the new tarot slot
  • Is not an item, so it's immune to many treacheries that target these


  • Second copy is a dead card, as players have only one tarot slot and it has no icons to commit
  • Conflicts with other tarot cards, if the investigator has access to more than one faction at level 1+
  • Ability to play this for free may motivate a player to mulligan important cards, like weapon assets
  • Guardian assets are quite expensive, so 3 ressources can be too much
Django · 4963
The only use of the second copy on your hand could be on Corrosion or Ants!, which would be nice, but that's pretty unlikely. — SGPrometheus · 769
The math probably isn't that different, but I'm thinking I'd be more likely to bring these in a deck that wants to start with a particular economy or boost card where I'm probably going to mulligan 5 anyway as opposed to a squishier synergy deck where I'm hoping to come out with 2 or 3 key assets and my mulligan rules are more flexible. — housh · 158
Maybe this has a home in a Yorrick deck that's running Cornered. — FractalMind · 36