Broche d'Onyx Noir
Un Cadeau non Désiré

Soutien. Faiblesse

Objet. Relique.

Cost: 1.

Tant que la Broche d'Onyx Noir est dans votre main, augmentez de 1 le coût de chaque autre carte dans votre main.

Ce n'était pas de l'arabe ni du chinois ; en fait, je découvris plus tard que cela n'appartenait à aucune écriture humaine. – Robert W. Chambers, "Le Signe Jaune," Le Roi en Jaune
John Pacer
Les Échos du Passé #142. Echoes of the Past #23.
Broche d'Onyx Noir
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can you discard Clasp of Black Onyx to Corrosion or Realm of Madness if you can't reach the discard threshold with other cards in hand? A: No, in this case, Corrosion would not discard the Clasp, because weaknesses cannot be discarded from your hand except when it is at random. Even if there are no other options for Corrosion to discard, the Clasp would remain in your hand.
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Pretty sure you can stick this in a Backpack & forget about it!

Also convenient : Ever Vigilant

Haven't gotten far in Carcosa yet, but seems pretty mild overall. Basically just -1 action if you have nothing else to help.

Backpack specifies ‘non-weakness’, so no. That said, yeah the clasp is pretty minor weakness as I believe it is intended to be. — Death by Chocolate · 55
Ahh, you're right. Thanks! — tercicatrix · 1
you could grab with Elli Horowitz, I think — Zinjanthropus · 83