Le Dévoreur du Dessous


Grand Ancien. Élite.

Fight: 5. Health: 6. Evade: 6.
Damage: 3. Horror: 3.

Chasseur. Massif.

Umôrdhoth gagne +4 vies par investigateur.

Forcé - À la fin du tour de chaque investigateur : redressez Umôrdhoth.

Si vous contrôlez Lita Chantler : "Il n'en a qu'après elle !" Vous jetez Lita en pâture à Umôrdhoth afin de sauver vos vies. (→C3)

Stephen Somers
Boite de Base #157. The Devourer Below #16.
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Note that Umôrdhoth doesn't have the Monster trait, so it will not take increased damage from Lita Chantler.

  • Note that the action ability here is not a Parley, so you will get hit by an attack of opportunity when using it, and your investigator can be defeated before that action resolves.

  • If an enemy is “considered” engaged with you because of the Massive keyword, it will enable abilities – like the Machete’s – that require you to be engaged with an enemy. However, there is no timing point of engagement, you’re just “considered” engaged with it, so you can’t really trigger reactions to becoming engaged with the enemy, like Zoey Samaras or Zoey's Cross.
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