#allyellowallthetime Drawn to the Flame

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unitled · 1216

This is the deck Frank and I made together on episode 97 of our cast for Arkham Chronicle's All Yellow All The Time challenge! Check out our podcast over here for our discussion and for links to find the decks from the other creators.

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Jan 18, 2019 smoorecrux · 77

I think this is a great deck for Daisy. Any thoughts on Scrying here? I never play with more than two, so perhaps Scrying is not as strong in 4-player, but it's something to consider when thinking about things Daisy might do in an all-Seeker team that others might not.

Jan 18, 2019 unitled · 1216

Wow @smoorecruxi haven't thought about Scrying in some time! I think it might see some table time with Marie arriving soon, she loves edge-case action spells. I used to run it a lot in Daisy but after a while (and more specific scenario experience) I found it easier to work around the encounter deck than try to manipulate it?

Jan 21, 2019 PureFlight · 405

You mention in the cast that you'd like to find room for a second St. Hubert's Key. What would you drop you think? I'd probably drop the Arcane Studies, especially if you'll get Higher Education straight away.

If the economy is still a bit wonky, I might drop the other Studies for a Guts/Courage. Thoughts?